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Atlanta Chapter
Harley Owners Group, Inc.

Sponsored By:
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
501 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30057

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Official Newsletter
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Inc.
Chapter Number 0788
February 1999 Issue

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Director: Jim Durham  770-944-1940
Asst. Director: Allan Farmer 770-389-4129
Secretary/Treasurer: Rene' Durham 770-944-1340
Ride Director: Dan Gardiner 770-957-2174
Safety Officer: Jimmy Stephens
Ladies of Harley Officer: Ginger Gardiner 770-957-2174
Activities Officer: Jack Wheeler 770-398-5177
Editor: Jack Wheeler 770-398-5177
E-Mail Jack

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February 5-7, 1999
Great American Motorcycle Show (FYI)

February 11, 1999
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Business Meeting

Meet: 7:00 PM
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta
(Open Event}

February 14, 1999
Happy Valentine's Day

February 18, 1999
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Meeting

Meet:  7:30 PM
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta
(Open Event)

February 20, 1999
Hospitality Table

Harley-Davidson of Atlanta
(Closed Event)

February 21, 1999
Lunch Ride

Meet:  11:00 AM
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta
(Open Event)
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Boy, what a productive business meeting we had. I would like to thank everyone who came out, especially Dean Mull and Tom Sigerfoos. We have a lot of great ideas for the upcoming year. Our business meeting is open to all members, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please come and join us, and who knows ... we might even feed you dinner.

In this newsletter you will find that we have put together a tentative schedule for 1999, notice this is tentative, it could change. So, you will need to read your monthly newsletter to get the true schedule for that month. From time to time we will update the list.

Daytona Bike Week will be here before you know it. It's time to get your bike in for service. Call Gary in the service department to make an appointment and call Nelson to get that special part that you have to have.

Jim Durham
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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I am very excited about the upcoming year. We have planned (tentative) to have more rides than ever before. We will have at least one (1) overnight and two (2) day (Lunch or Dinner) rides a month, maybe more. With all these rides we are going to need some help. We are going to have five (5) Road Captains this year to help in the planning, leading, and mapping of each ride. They are: David Gilmer, Dean Mull, Tom Sigerfoos Eb Struss, Mike Volk

Each ride will have a Chapter Officer or Road Captain in the rear to follow-up and assist anyone that may have problems. Overnight trips we hope to have a volunteer with a vehicle/trailer to follow in case of trouble. We all must remember, however, it is our individual responsibility to have our bikes serviced and in good operating condition before going on a ride.

If any member has a ride they think the Chapter would enjoy, please contact me, any officer, Road Captain, or come to one of our business meetings to discuss your thoughts. Don't miss out on all the fun. Come and support your Chapter and enjoy your Harley.

(Ride Safe and Have Fun)

Dan Gardiner
Road Director,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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First of all I would like to send my deepest sympathy to the following people: First, to Debbie Evans, our Office Manager at HDA. On December 28, 1998, both of her sons were killed in a car accident. Next, to Sandy Corbett who lost her best friend and husband Keith. We will deeply miss Keith at the shop and we thank him for being our friend and to Chaney Bryan for losing his brother and a H.O.G. member, Bill. We all will greatly miss each and everyone of them.

Our Best Wishes to B.K. Ellis who just had heart surgery. Get well soon.

We need volunteers to help work the Hospitality H.O.G. table with refreshments on February 20th. Call me at the shop to be put on the schedule.

HOG CARDS are to be picked up at the shop!!!

Then Money H.O.G.
Financial Report

Income (Dues-50/50) $14,743.07
Bank Charges


Christmas Dinner


Corporation Fee 97/98


Officer Training




Gifts/Gift Certificates


Food (Sales, Meetings)




Photo Supplies






Member Reimbursement






Volunteer expense


Total Expenses $11,075.86

$  3,667.21

Rene' Durham
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Ladies of Harley


1999 is going to be another Great year. Once the weather warms up we will have lots of rides, events, meetings, and sales to enjoy the fellowship of our members.

The purpose of Ladies of Harley is to support the chapter. We provide an identity for the Lady Riders and Passengers, but always supporting the chapter and all members. Any events or rides sponsored by Ladies of Harley are for all members to participate.

I plan to sponsor several rides and events and look forward to working and riding with you all.

Ride Safe and have fun.

Ginger Gardiner
Ladies of Harley Safety Officer
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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1999 looks to be a busy year for everyone at H-D and I hope a safe one. Night comes quickly this time of year so if you ride a lot at night, remember to get some reflective wear. It's hard enough to be seen in the daytime let alone at night. Lot's of stuff comm'in up, so stay tuned.

Ride Loud, Ride Proud, See YA!

Jimmy H. Stephens
Safety Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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1999 Tentative Events Schedule
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

February 1999

05-07 Great American Motoccyle Show (FYI Only)
11 Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meeting
14 Valentine's Day
18 Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Meeting
20 Hospitality Table, H-D Atlanta
21 Lunch Ride, H-D Atlanta

March 1999

01-07 Daytona Bike Week
11 Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meeting
18 Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Meeting
27 Andersonville Ride

April 1999

04 Easter Sunday
08 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
11 Laprades Lunch Ride
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
16-18 Andersonville Ride
24 East Side Dinner Ride

May 1999

01-02 Cedar Creek Motorcycle Rally
11 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
12-15 Myrtle Beach Rally, SC
14-15 Alabama State Rally, Dothan
20 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
23-31 Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Ride

June 1999

04-05 Super Bike Race, Road Atlanta
10 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
12-13 L.O.H., Macon Braves Ride
17 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
19 Lunch Ride, Menton
27 Lunch Ride, Helen

July 1999

04 Dale Moorefield, Memorial Ride, Bostwick
06 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
08 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting (Note Day Change)
15-17 Nationl H.O.G. Rally, Greenville, SC
24 Lunch Ride, Poole
31 Cruise Night, H-D Atlanta

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Atlanta Chapter E-Mail Addresses

Cloninger, Chuck
Durham, Jim and Rene'
Ellis, B.K
Gardiner, Dan
Gillett, Pamelia
Peel, Robert
Wheeler, William R.

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