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Atlanta Chapter
Harley Owners Group, Inc.

Sponsored By:
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
501 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30057

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Official Newsletter
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Inc.
Chapter Number 0788
January 1999 Issue

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Director: Jim Durham  770-944-1940
Asst. Director: Allan Farmer 770-389-4129
Secretary/Treasurer: Rene' Durham 770-944-1340
Ride Director: Dan Gardiner 770-957-2174
Safety Officer: Jimi Stephens
Ladies of Harley Officer: Ginger Gardiner 770-957-2174
Activities Officer: Jack Wheeler 770-398-5177
Editor: Jack Wheeler 770-398-5177
E-Mail Jack

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January 1, 1999
Annual Tommy Tyner Memorial Ride

January 14, 1999
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Business Meeting

Meet: 7:00 PM
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta

January 21, 1999
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Meeting

Meet:  7:30 PM
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta

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The holiday season is over and I hope everyone had a great year. Many changes have happened to a lot of people including me. After 12 years of being in the Harley-Davidson family I decided to change jobs. This was a huge decision for me to make, but I made the choice. Then I decided to run for Director, what was I thinking, am I crazy or what? For those who don't know me, I'm Jim Durham. Rene' and I will be married 32 years in March. We have one daughter and two grandchildren. I have had some type of motorcycle all my life and enjoy building custom bikes and riding. And yes, I do own a few bikes and ride them. Our first ride of the year will be the Tommy Tyner Memorial ride. For those who are new, Tommy was an employee of H-D of Atlanta and a very good friend who was killed on a test ride several years ago. So we decided to change our New Years Day ride to his memorial ride. We go on this ride rain or shine, two wheeled or four. We will be going to Buckners for the traditional New Years Day meal. We always have a great time. We can talk about our Christmas with our family and friends. I hope we see a lot of you there.

Hopefully, in the future we will try to have some new and different rides, but we can't make this a successful Charter without volunteers. We know a lot of you riders go on rides on the weekends with friends, why not share those trips with the Chapter? All you need to do is give the idea to one of the officers and we will take it from there. Or if you would like to lead the ride, we will work with you. It's not hard at all, it's really rather simple. You can call Rene' at the shop Monday thru Friday if you need any information about upcoming rides. Read your newsletter for important information about future rides and events. I would like to thank all of the volunteers for 1998 for making us a very successful Chapter and encourage every member for 1999 to get back to the Ride and Have Fun (R&F) factor.

Jim Durham
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Happy New Year to each and every new and old member for 1999 or should I say renewed member!!! After I close the books for 1998 there Will be a financial statement in the next newsletter. For those of you that have not picked up our new member cards please do so as soon as possible, remember we DO NOT MAIL MEMBER CARD OUT. YOU HAVE TO PICK THEM UP AT H-D OF ATLANTA. You need to have your cards with you for all events this shows that you have signed your release form, if you do not have your card you will have to sign another release form.

Have a safe year.

Rene' Durham
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Ladies of Harley


THANK YOU FROM CHRISTIAN CITY. Our annual Christmas Ride to Christian city was a great success. We had about 20 bikes and cars filled with lots of gifts. The weather held off for the ride thou damp. We had a wonderful visit with the kids and house parents including a video and Christmas carols. They truly appreciated everything, but the blessing was ours too. Also, thanks to the wonderful volunteers who wrapped gifts during the sales and those that donated. Together we raised $727.00 for the Christian City Children's Home. This I be $121.00 for each cottage for Christmas needs. This has been a fantastic year, full of fun and many rich blessings. Thank you everyone for making it so great. I thank God for you all and the sweet fellowship we have.

Ginger Gardiner
Ladies of Harley Safety Officer
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Happy New Year Hope you had a great holiday. 1999 Is upon us and the cold riding season is here. I can tell you from experience its hard to keep warm no matter what you do, Heavy leather jackets, chaps and winter gloves, are sometimes not enough. There's just no substitute for a windshield that cuts down on mean ole Mr. Windchill. If you don't have one, you're not alone. That's next on my list! So dress warm and ride safe. The boys at the Georgia State Patrol will be offering the Motorcycle Foundation Safety Course this year and will be mailing out info in mid February. If you nave not taken the course, take it. It provides information that will be invaluable on the road and it might just save your life. So take the course and LETS RIDE. I will publish a schedule of dates and times of courses as soon as they are available.

Ride Loud, Ride Proud, See YA!

Jimi H. Stephens
Safety Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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