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Atlanta Chapter
Harley Owners Group, Inc.

Sponsored By:
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
501 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30057

Official Newsletter
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Inc.
Chapter Number 0788

Director: Paul Gardner 404-798-8608
Asst Director: Jim Durham 770-944-1340
Sec/Treasurer: Renee Durham 770-944-1340
Ride Director: Allan Farmer
Safety Officer: Mendel Stafford 770-729-0858
Ladies of Harley Officer: Ginger Gardiner

November 1, 1997
Bostwick Cotton Gin Festival and Parade November 8, 1997
Lunch Ride to Poole's BBQ, Ellijay November 15, 1997
CI-CI'S Pizza Lunch Ride
November 18, 1997
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. Chapter Business Meeting November 20, 1997
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. Chapter Meeting November 27, 1997
Happy Thanksgiving


Asheville Leaf Ride

Were you on of the 58 riders who took the plunge and went with us to Asheville? If you were, then you know what I'm going to say. If you did not go..HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT!

When we left the "Lunching Pad" at the Varsity we were 48 bikes strong. We got off to a rough start though, because the ride leader (yours truly) not only managed to get in the wrong lane of Spring Street for I-85 North, but dropped his bike trying to correct things. After that things went pretty smooth. We managed to get everyone through the toll booth on 400 and up to Clarkesville where we stopped for a break. We phoned the Dillard House to tell (warn) them we were coming and the lady almost dropped the phone when I told her how many to expect.

We had a really good ride out of Clarkesville on 197. there were some folds (who shall remain nameless) who did not heed my warning about the DIP sign! They, as you can imagine, got wet! After a gas stop in Clayton we made it up to the Dillard House and they were so glad to have us join them that they put us out back in a separate building (away from all their other guests). After eating more than a person has the right to, we headed up through Highlands and got caught up in a traffic jam because of some festival they were having. We made it through Cashiers and on up to the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway (a.k.a. The Dale Moorefield Memorial Parkway) where the mercury immediately started to drop. Now get this picture, I' m leading a group of 45 Harleys and trying to find a rest area when we can all pull in, and put on some warmer clothing. It is about like trying to find a rest stop big enough for 1000 ft. long 18 wheeler (Greg Bolen can tell you about that). We ended up with some of us in one and the rest in another.

After bundling up we headed on to travel just another 7 mines before we came to Mt. Pisgah were w stopped for gas and "necessaries". I remembered it being further than that, but I guess the mind is going. We made it into Asheville, checked in and made plans for dinner. A lot of us decided to meet back at the HQ motel (Motel ^) and go to the Lonestar Steaks. When we arrived, there were several groups waiting outside to be seated, but it was the strangest thing. The manager had the hostess seat us immediately. This is definitely a Harley Friendly place!

After another session of "see how much you can eat" we made out way back to the motels to watch the Braves win another one.

Sunday morning we all headed in one mass to Shoney's to invade the breakfast buffet. When the hostess asked if we were riding motorcycles, out Chapter Comedian, Dan Gardiner, replied, "no, we just dress like this". When Dan went to pay his check the hostess had a carving knife tightly gripped in her right hand!

We headed south and crossed over into South Carolina about an hour later. If you were with us, didn't it seem like when we crossed the state line the road headed rather steeply downhill?

In spite of a couple of detours and "necessary stops" we managed to ride through some of the most beautiful country on S.C. Hwy. 11 (a.k.a. The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Parkway).

When we got to I-85 we 'ut it in the wind" and managed to get back home safely. It was fun trip and was great to see so many members turn out for the ride, Thanks!

Election '98 Results

We have a new Ladies of Harley Officer: Ginger Gardiner! Ladies (and men) lets give her all the help she needs. She will be calling you! Our new Ride Director is Allan Farmer. Next time you see him talk to him about some of your ride ideas.

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