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Atlanta Chapter
Harley Owners Group, Inc.

Sponsored By:
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
501 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30057

Official Newsletter
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Inc.
Chapter Number 0788

Director: Paul Gardner 404-798-8608
Asst Director: Jim Durham 770-944-1340
Sec/Treasurer: Renee Durham 770-944-1340
Ride Director: Allan Farmer
Safety Officer: Mendel Stafford 770-729-0858
Ladies of Harley Officer: Ginger Gardiner

See December HOGWASH for Chapter Membership Enrollment form and Release for the Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

December 6, 1997
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta after Thanksgiving Sale

December 14, 1997
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. Christmas Toy Run

December 15, 1997
Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. Christmas Party
December 20, 1997
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta Christmas Sale and Santa

December 25, 1997

Merry Christmas From Atlanta Chapter H.O.G.

January 1, 1998

Happy New Year From Atlanta Chapter H.O.G.



It's hard to believe that it is that time of year again. Time to decorate for the holidays and plan all those delicious meals and room for visitors during the Holiday Season. This is also the time of year that we look back on what we've done over the past 12 months. Well, if you are an Atlanta Chapter member, you not only know but have experienced some of what I'm about to tell you. Were you with us last New Year's Day when an army of us invaded Buckner's in Jackson for our Tommy Tyner Memorial Day Ride? Ask our new Ride Director, Allan Farmer, about the fried chicken and honey. Talk about good! Or how about the Charleston Ride, when we could have not wished for better weather and the group of us that saw the 'Jurassic Raccoon" on the way to dinner. The almost venison dinner we had on one of the Macon Braves Rides was a close call we didn't need. Were you there on the York Ride? The Roadside Grill is sure to be an annual event. The Charleston H.O.G. Chapter came over the same weekend of the National Open House and we showed them what Atlanta Chapter hospitality is all about. The Dale Moorefield Memorial Ride on July 4th to Bostwick was a sight to see with all of the participation. And the Asheville Ride, which we just threw together at the last minute, was a good time had by all. Of course, we did have some problems with the weather and had some low turnouts for some of the rides. Steve Norton was disappointed in only three people voicing interest in the Biloxi Ride, but he is planning it again for the first part of 1998 and we should have a crowd going this time. And after promoting the CI-CI'S PIZZA RIDE so much for two months, we only had about 6 bikes show up for that one. Of course, it was about 35 degrees outside, the wind was at about 15 mph and it was overcast. Not you ideal riding conditions. What was most inspiring about 1997 was the huge increase in participation in our Chapter. We had new people leading rides and coming to the Business Meetings, new volunteers wanting to help and a dramatic increase in New Members. We now have approx. 1100 members in the Atlanta H.O.G. Chapter and keep growing everyday. Our sponsor. Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, the officers and I offer a tip of the helmet to everyone who has made this Chapter what it is through their efforts, kind words and hospitality to all of our members be they old or first timers and the visitors and guests.


See the attached flyer announcing our Atlanta Chapter Christmas Dinner this year. You should note that the meeting/dinner has been moved to MONDAY NIGHT for just this month. We will have as our Special Guest Valerie Ledterman who is our Regional Manager from H.O.G. National. Introduce yourself and get to know her.


By now you should have received a card In the mail the After Thanksgiving sale Dec. 6th and the Before Christmas Sale Dec. 20th. We are asking for volunteers to 1) Help at the Atlanta H.O.G. table answering questions about the Chapter and 2) ringing in some baked goods (i.e..brownies, cookies, divinity, cupcakes, etc.) And at the December 20th Sale. Santa Claus will be with us from 11AM-2PM. Our Chapter will be taking Polaroids of children with Santa for $2.00 ea. So. we will need volunteers for this too. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Christian City Children's Home. If you can help, just call me or Rene and we will give you all the information. Come out and do some shopping and make this a special Christmas.


Our toy run this year will be on Sunday, Dec. 14th and will go to the Christian City Children's Home. We will meet at 1:00 and leave at 1:30 and will take Camp Creek Parkway to I-285 to I-85 to Hwy. 138 to the Children's Home in Union City. This year we are helping the teenagers at the home. Attached in this newsletter is a suggestion list they have provided. Let's make this a special Christmas for these people!


From now until Jan. 31st, 1998, H-D of Atlanta is offering:

1) FREE pickup and delivery in the Metro Atlanta Area for Service Department work.

2) Atlanta H.O.G. Chapter Members will get a 20% discount on parts and accessories when they are installed in the Service Dept. (except insurance jobs).

3) Just call Gary or Mike and they will make all the arrangements.


The people listed below need to call Rene' with their National H.O.G. numbers. If you recently bought a new bike you may not have your card yet, As soon as you get it from H.O.G., please call me. If I don't get your number you will be dropped from the mailing list.

Paul Gardner,
Director, Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Inc.

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Updated 12/28/97