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Welcome to the Atlanta Chapter's Website. Harley-Davidson of Atlanta established the Atlanta Chapter on September 16, 1985. We are the oldest H.O.G. Chapter in Georgia. All of the officers hope you will take a look around and enjoy your stop here. Be sure to check out the Calendar. We try to keep a good variety of rides and events to fit into everyone's schedules. If you are a local or just passing through town and have any questions feel free to contact any of the Officers. If you are interested in joining the chapter, we have membership applications available here on the site. We are here to "Ride and Have Fun" and hope you will come out and join us soon.

Atlanta Chapter Officers

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Sponsored By:
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
501 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122

Sunday and Monday
Tuesday - Wednesday
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday - Saturday
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Atlanta Chapter, 2010
Director Director
Bobby Conway
Assistant Director Assistant Director
Erik Grandowski
Sec Secretary/Treasurer
Rene' Durham
Head Road Captain Head Road Captain
Diana Bodden
Safety Officer Safety Officer
Jim Byrd
Activity Officer Activity Officer
Melissa Fuller
Membership Officer Membership Officer
Mark Redmon
LOH Officer LOH Officer
Karen Mathiasen
LOH Officer LOH Officer
Valerie Daniel
LOH Officer LOH Officer
Holly Martin
history Head Photographer
Rick Parker
history Volunteer Coordinator
Chuck Fuller
Web Master Newletter/Web/Historian
B.K. Ellis
Editor Editor
Chris Houghton
Road Captain Road Captain
Andy Andresen
Road Captain Road Captain
Tom Arnold
Road Captain Road Captain
Ed Chowning
Road Captain Road Captain
Glenn Folds
Road Captain Road Captain
Melissa Folds
Road Captain Road Captain
Mack Hall
Road Captain Road Captain
Matt Langley
Road Captain Road Captain
Steve Magel
Road Captain Road Captain
Andrea Oparnica
Road Captain Road Captain
Jack Parton
Road Captain Road Captain
John Provost
Road Captain Road Captain
Chris Robey
Road Captain Road Captain
Robert Sexton
Road Captain Road Captain
Luc Vermeer

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Event Schedule

Atlanta Chapter events are considered "CLOSED" unless otherwise noted!

See Event Statement.

Experience the Atlanta Chapter
in 2010
Ride and Have Fun!

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Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities, all activities are identified as follows:

If you are interested in becoming a H.O.G. member, contact Rene' Durham, or call 770-944-1340

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Atlanta Chapter provides members with exciting, safe, organized riding activities and social events to expand horizons, fulfill dreams, and create lifelong memories through personal relationships forged in iron and steel.

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Here we are in the best part of the riding season with the best riding chapter ever! We had a great time at the GA State HOG Rally in Jekyll Island and had many of our own chapter members in attendance. We competed with several other charity rides on the day we had our Saving Second Base Poker Run planned but in the end we had fun, fellowship, plenty of volunteers and a little money too. Thanks to everyone who participated. Meeting participation is up, we've got some great new members, and there are rides on the calendar for everyone - get out and get involved!

Bobby Conway
Director, Atlanta Chapter

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Assistant Director

Erik Grandowski
Assistant Director, Atlanta Chapter

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Attendance Jackpot

Congratulations to Bill Bryant whose name was drawn for the September Attendance Jackpot, $60. Unfortunately Bill was not at the meeting to claim the Jackpot. We will add $10 to the Jackpot for the October Chapter meeting – $70. Remember you must be at the meeting and a member in "Good Standing," a current member of national H.O.G. and Atlanta Chapter. If the member whose name is drawn is not at the meeting, we will add $10 and try again next meeting. Please have your national H.O.G. card with you at the meeting. Hope to see everyone there.

Please ride safe and responsible,
Rene' Durham
Secretary/Treasurer, Atlanta Chapter

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Ride Director

What's Bugging Ed

So after all these years of riding I am once again reminded that we always need to be on our toes and pay attention to small problems before they get bigger and bug you to death or to run off the road and act crazy. Oh yeah like Ed Chowning. We took a casual ride to the famous Rome, GA one sunny day. (Yes, Erik we thought of you) We were lazily riding, paying careful attention to all the speed limits and being conscious of other drivers at all times, and Ed was gone! One minute he was there and the next he was gone. So as I pulled over thinking "uh oh I lost another HOG member, Bobby's going to kill me.” I waited to see if he would reappear. His lovely wife Joan appeared finally and said he lost his glasses and had pulled over. Turns out he hit a bug that decided to set up house in his ear and he shook his head so hard, his glasses flew off and he did retrieve them, and then caught back up with us. As he approached, I noticed he had a strange tic and would grimace and shake his head in a strange way, kinda like being electrocuted. (Get it he's an electrician, hehehe), anyway I digress. I asked he wanted to pull over and he said YES! So we did. He then told us that he had a bug in his ear. After a few attempts at trying to get the little bugger out (tweezers, water, hitting Ed in the head, etc. etc.) We could not see the bug and he was still twitching, we suggested going to an emergency room (Cartersville ER, on the way to Rome of course), They took us in immediately, after Ed explained that it was eating its way thru his ear drum and was headed to his brain, which he explained that there was very little left so this was a dire emergency! They looked in Ed's head and confirmed that he had a new occupant. They sat him down and pulled out a very large set of tweezers and began pulling out bug parts and a lot of Wax! Finally Pulling out a very large Moth, who was happy to be free began to make a break for freedom, was unceremoniously smashed! As we all were dumbfounded that anything could live and come out flying from Ed's head, we talked with the Medical Team in the Emergency Room who reminded us that these things happen more than you would think, and let us know that we did the right thing to come and deal with it right away. We were in and out in about 20 minutes and on our way to Rome for our fabulous lunch.

The moral is never taking little things for granted. Never turn your ear with a bug on it into the wind; it shoves it inside, deep inside. Don't drive a motorcycle with a bug in your ear. And be prepared for all types of delays on the road to Rome! See you on the road to Rome!

Diana Bodden, Head Road Captain

Advanced Riders Course

To all interested, we have two tentative dates for the course, now that our illustrious leader has had time to recover from his big adventure on a sporty. He has a 3-part article in Full Throttle Magazine if you would like more information.

Anyway we have a possible October 30 date or an alternative November 20, so let me know what date would be best. They are offering this course at a mere $100. It is well worth this fee and no matter your riding skill you will gain from this taking this course. For more information email or contact me or Chris Carr at HDA.

Diana Bodden, Head Road Captain

Wanted Road Captains for 2011

Anyone interested in becoming a road captain or a ride leader for 2011. Please contact me. We will be having our Road Captain’s meeting on October 30, for the 2011 planning session and training for anyone interested.

Diana Bodden, Head Road Captain

Ride Safe and have fun,
Diana Bodden
Head Road Captain, Atlanta Chapter

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Safety Officer

Hydroplaning Is More Probable

The faster you go:

            1. The wider your tires
            2. The lower the air pressure in your tires
            3. The deeper the water is

This is true regardless of whether you are accelerating (in a straight line or turning) or not.

It is most likely that your front tire will hydroplane before the rear one does because you ride a single-track vehicle. The front tire squeezes most of the water off the roadway by the time the rear tire gets there. If you have an extra wide tire on the rear wheel, you will find that you have changed that dynamic. The odds of the rear tire hydroplaning first in that scenario go up dramatically.

Water drainage on a freeway (any wide roadway, actually) drains to the right in the U.S. and that means the depth of that water is greatest in the slowest lanes. That should suggest that the odds of hydroplaning are about equal in every lane (slower movement but greater depth makes the slow lanes as dangerous as the faster lanes).

Good luck and stay safe!

Jim Byrd
Safety Officer, Atlanta Chapter

Please Don't Drink and Ride!
Friends Don't Let Friends Ride Drunk!

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Melissa Fuller
Activity Officer, Atlanta Chapter

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Atlanta Chapter HOG is 25 Years Strong
Twenty-Five N Twenty-Ten

Our Atlanta Chapter is having a pin designed to recognize our members who have donated their time in the form of having fun while volunteering and going on chapter rides at least 25 times in 2010. Our membership officer, Mark Redmon is tracking participation, so you can check with him to see where you stand on events. Our road captains, members, and chapter officers are busy planning events for the rest of this year; so it’s not too late to start adding up your points.

Movie Nite Social

Our movie night on Friday night, September 17 was a great hit as usual. The movie was "On Any Sunday", a great older movie about five different types of motorcycle racing. The scenes were fun to watch of these hardcore men of racing. There were great scenes of hill climbing, flat track racing, drag racing and road racing and even desert racing. As good as the movie selection was the best part is always the food and the company! Next time you see a movie nite coming up make plans to join us, it's always a good time!

Chuck Fuller
Vounteer Coordinator, Atlanta Chapter

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Karen Mathiasen, Valerie Daniel and Holly Martin, LOH Officers

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Well, the riding season is fully upon us now and there have already been a number of great rides. I'm starting to get more photos turned in and I will be giving out two more patches at the next meeting. Keep 'em coming!

Those of you who went on the Athens/Five Bridges ride can find all the photos on Photobucket at this address:

Also, be sure to check out the videos on the Atlanta HOG YouTube page. More will be added throughout the year. You can find them all


See you on the next ride,
Rick Parker
Head Photographer, Atlanta Chapter

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Atlanta Chapter Picture Gallery

If you have Atlanta Chapter activities pictures that you would like to have up loaded,
please email them to Rick Parker


PhotoBucket Members ONLY

See your HOGWASH for log on instructions if required.

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Mark Redmon
Membership Officer, Atlanta Chapter

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Web Master

Check the HOGWASH Web Pages Archives of the Atlanta Chapter Web page to read the History of the Atlanta Chapter, Twenty-five years strong this year.

B.K. Ellis
Historian, Atlanta Chapter

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Web Master

Keep Email Address Updated!

If you have updated your e-mail address, PLEASE send me your new address. I get several undeliverable e-mail messages each time I send a message updating members on up coming or changed events. Please, keep you e-mail address up to date and stay informed! E-mail me at Thanks!!

B.K. Ellis
Web Master, Atlanta Chapter

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Mountain Riders Retreat Base Camps for Rent on the Valley River in Andrews, NC

I have 7 acres in Andrews, NC, just off the 4-lane Hwy. 19/74 before it narrows down to a two lane and goes through the Nantahala Gorge. I have a few RV sites available on the Valley River that are secure and secluded. I also have a three-bedroom house completely furnished and available for rent that sits on Worm Creek. The RV sites are available on a monthly basis for September and October. The house is available with a 2-night minimum.

For more information call Ed Chowning 404-787-3039

Pig Ride Legend

One pig - steady cruising rides of relatively short distance, easy on the throttle, few curves, etc.
Two pigs - a bit longer or have some curves but nothing too challenging.
Three pigs - the ride should be of moderate difficulty.
Four and five pigs - rides with a high number of curves, long distance, saddle time, road conditions, speed, and weather.

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Fall Leaf Run
October, 8– 10 (Fri., Sat., Sun.)
Meet: HDA 8:00 a.m. KSU: 8:15 a.m.

It’s northbound into the Appalachians, embarking on a scenic ride of your life. This experience includes actually smelling and feeling the mountain air, free of charge!

Enjoy the fall colors in north GA and North Carolina on a 3-day ride through some of the most beautiful mountains in the country. Mountains and valleys, forests and glades, wild streams and lakes and peaceful ponds. Perhaps you’ll spot an eagle or hawk or bear or deer. Have you ever traveled the lesser known Wayah Road -- Dramamine optional?

Just imagine the possibilities. Lunch we’ll do at the River’s Edge in the Nantahala Gorge on day one. We’ll explore the wonders of the Blue Ridge Parkway on day two. Linville Viaduct, Linville Falls, Grandfather Mountain, the old parkway and the new. Walk and eat in Blowing Rock and dip into the Linville Gorge (North Carolina’s Grand Canyon). The third day finds us snaking our path thru Chimney Rock and Lake Lure before traversing the Foothills Parkway and homeward bound.

This is a 4-pig ride due to the saddle time, distance, twisties, and weather. (There’s always weather in them-thar-mountains)

Due too many requests to leave the routing the same as last year, I am pleased to do so unless the pre ride presents a problem.

If you wish to sleep indoors for the two nights, 10 rooms at the Super 8 are blocked (they’re the only act in town that will put up with us noisy riffraff). All are nonmoving rooms with two double beds and probably on the rear second floor again like last year. The rate is $67.45 plus tax. You may be able to upgrade to a king size bed on the first floor rear for only $5 more if you reserve early.

When calling to make your reservation, tell them it is in the name of HOG CHAPTER, Register the room in your name and on your credit card.

Call before Friday, October 1 to reserve – after that all rooms blocked under HOG CHAPTER will be cancelled. When the ten rooms are gone, they may or may not have more rooms available. Rates in other nearby motels are between $103 and $139 per night.

Super 8
101 Flat Creek Rd.
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Road Captain: Andy Andresen

Women, Wine & Song Ride -- October 23 -24,2010

Calling all ladies…join us on an overnight ride to Dahlonega, GA on Saturday, October 23, 2010. We will meet at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta at 7:30 a.m.; kick stands up at 8:00 a.m.

Women, Wine and Song you ask? Well, this brainchild was born when Michelle Conway and Amanda Langley decided it might be fun to do a ride geared toward the ladies in the chapter and needed a road captain. I thought it sounded like a good time so I agreed to lead the merry adventure. The plan is to take a nice, leisurely ride up to Dahlonega, take in the Three Sisters Winery and then have dinner and listen to some local talent at a funky little place called “The Crimson Moon Café.” We might even paint our toenails…who knows!

The winery tour is free unless everyone decides to participate in a paid tour. These are about $20 each and require call ahead reservations. If enough people are interested, we still have time to get that arranged. There is a small cover charge at The Crimson Moon Café. It varies depending on who is playing and I will let everyone know as soon as I have those details.

There is a block of eight rooms reserved at the Super 8 Motel in Dahlonega under the name of Melissa Folds/Harley-Davidson. Rooms are at a premium this time of year (Oktoberfest). However, we were given the rate of $75 per night for the rooms and several girls have already planned to share and slash the cost even more. The number to the motel is 706-864-4343. Give them a call, tell them who you are with and get your room reserved.

I look forward to seeing you all on the road,
Melissa Folds, Road Captain

7th Annual Signal Mountain TN Ride
November 6-7, 2010

Join us for the 7th ANNUAL...yes, for seven years you have made this one of the Chapter’s most desirable and memorable rides. If you haven’t ridden this one, now’s your chance!

We will ride John's Mountain to the foothills of Lookout Mountain and head up Raccoon Mountain and stop at the TVA Pump Station Reservoir. Travel a one lane road across the top of the reservoir for a spectacular view across many miles of canyon. Then ride across the valley, onto Hwy. 27 toward Suck Creek and challenge our riding skills up and down the western face of Signal Mountain. Warm our souls in sunshine along the TN River until we reach the southern tip of Signal Mountain to embrace our tanks for yet another twisty experience. We will pass the Space Ship house, travel along the main Hwy. 127 and down the eastern slope of Signal Mountain. Stop in Whitwell for some fuel and share our colorful stories. From here, we head north on Hwy. 108 to Gruetli-Laager to be greeted by our last set of twisties on Hwy. 50 through Pelham and Hwy. 41S into Monteagle.

As always, we will spend the night in Monteagle, TN at the Best Western Smokehouse Lodge. Details BELOW.

The next morning, we will head to Suwannee University for breakfast and a stop at the Peace Memorial to pray for our fallen and active military.

The return route will take us through TN, northern AL, back onto Lookout Mountain to visit the Hang Gliders and into Dallas, GA.

Due to the length and nature of this ride, it is a 4.5 PIG. However, I encourage the less experienced to join us and challenge your skills….after all, this is the only way to improve!

MEET: QT, Hwy. 278 & 61@ 9:00 A.M.; Kick stands up at 9:30 A.M. SHARP!
RETURN: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2010 in time for dinner.

Best Western Smoke House Lodge, Monteagle, TN
Contact: Jessica Geary
Phone: 931-924-2091 x 632
Under Harley-HOG Riders Saturday, November 6, 2010 one night
span style="text-decoration: underline">Negotiated same low rates as 2008.
Fifteen double Queen Rooms: $69.00
Two bedrooms Cabin: $139.00
One Bedroom Cabin: $119.00

Thanks for continuing to support my rides. If there is anything I should do to improve this experience please let me know.

Life is a GIFT, that's why they call it the PRESENT.
Gift your time to HOG members by riding the SIGNAL!

All the Best,
Steve Magel, Road Captain

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Atlanta Chapter is accepting business and personal advertisements for the HOGWASH! What a great way to promote your business, organization, service or personal information to all Atlanta Chapter members each month!

For advertising rates please click HERE.

Please contact Rene' Durham at 770-944-1340 for more information or to place your ad today!

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