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Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
Drawing: July 31, 2004

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Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
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Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122
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Winter Store Hours
December 26 to February 29
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Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. 2004

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July, 2004 Event Schedule

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. events are considered "CLOSED" unless otherwise noted!

See Event Statement.

Experience the Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.
in 2004
Ride and Have Fun!

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Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities, all activities are identified as follows:

If you are interested in becoming a Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Member, email Rene' Durham, or call 770-944-1340

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Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. provides members with exciting, safe, organized riding activities and social events to expand horizons, fulfill dreams, and create lifelong memories through personal relationships forged in iron and steel.

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Member Benefit Change

Membership benefits will be changing with the New Year. Beginning January 1, 2003, all members will have to participate in a minimum number of two (2) Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. sanctioned events every sixty (60) days. Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. sanctioned events include chapter meetings, business meeting, rides, LOH meetings, volunteer efforts, and other special events as noted on the Chapter Calender.

Member participation is required to maintain your in-store discount at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta.

All other Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. privileges will remain the same.

Ronnie Godwin
General Manager, Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.

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Getting Serious About Not Being So Serious

After almost a year of living up here in North Georgia and being retired, I am finally beginning to feel how much stress has gone out of my life compared to when I was working and doing the daily grind in Atlanta traffic. Although I would like to have some of the conveniences up here that are available there, I am really enjoying being de-stressed and I find myself enjoying the relaxed pace of life here.

 Back in corporate life, I was exposed to, as perhaps many of you have been, to “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Although primarily aimed at one’s work life, most of the key concepts discussed were about creating balance in your life, and separating the urgent from the important. And it is through learning what is important rather than urgent that has helped me feel the joy in life. Urgent things are many of those things associated with why we work; paying the mortgage, braces for the kids’ teeth, saving for college, taking care of taxes, etc. The important things are those that we do that reflect our values and sense of purpose in life. Unfortunately, too often the urgent things somehow dominant our life and the important things get whatever time is left over. We often lament that we don’t spend much time with our kids or friends, or take time for ourselves, or our communities. Why not? Because I think in our culture to be “adult” means being serious and “respected”. I don’t downplay that this is vital to success at work; it’s just that for many this somehow becomes an end in and of itself. I used to watch folks I worked with talk about how much vacation they had left over at the end of the year, as if this was some sort of “merit badge” they had earned. They all felt themselves so vital to their work and I felt perhaps they did so with some feeling of indispensability. Like magic, they learned this too was all just an illusion.

How does all this relate to motorcycling? I found that in my work life, as well as now, it was one thing that I could count on to help me de-stress and gain a different perspective on life. I found it pretty hard to think about upcoming meetings at work next week while I was right in the middle of a challenging curve or passing by a gorgeous waterfall along the roadside. I found myself really into the moment when riding and wanting to be with friends while having a good laugh over something at lunch; and it all contributes to the bonding among friends. The playful nature of a group ride becomes contagious and it is also an equalizer---we’re all just riders that day, not who we are at work, be it the doctor, the mechanic or a vice-president of something or other. I find that these are the moments that really make life worthwhile. Oddly too on occasion, I have found that while out in the middle of a ride I often discover answers to questions or problems that I had been contending with earlier in the week, without thinking about that problem. There is something to be said for this shift of focus. As far back as 1641, H. Peachem wrote: “For such is our nature that cannot stand long bent, but we must have relaxation of mind, as of body.” I find that when I am on the road, I always experience feelings of being better in tune spiritually, and I feel grateful, joyful and blessed beyond words. I call many of my Sunday outings the “church of the open road”. And there is no better a physical tired than that which comes from a long, fun day in the saddle. It is through “play” that we recapture the innocence and joy we felt in childhood. It is this relaxation that allows us to see things in new and refreshing ways.

So let’s get serious about not being so serious in life. Have some fun, quality time on that Harley that perhaps like other things has been too long ignored (and left alone in the garage). Take a ride, take your kids for a ride, meet some new folks, spend time with a friend, all with the wind in your face and some great conversation perhaps over a good meal somewhere along the ride. Experience the joy of life and perhaps find a better perspective on things!

As Charles Wagner wrote: “Joy is not in things, it is in us.” Maybe that Harley is one key to opening up this spirit within you.

Thanks to All of You at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta

On Saturday, May 14 the Atlanta Chapter treated the Harley-Davidson of Atlanta employees to an “Employee Appreciation” catered breakfast. In all, I think we served 45 or so employees from 7:30 A.M. to around 8:20 A.M. and they choose from eggs, bacon, link sausage, croissants, bagels, assorted Danish pastries, juice, coffee and…genuine Waffle House waffles. Two of the ladies from the Waffle House down at Thornton Rd. at Hwy. 278 were on hand to tend the irons, plus Jim Gang and several others showed up as early as 6:00 A.M. to get the grill going with sausage, bacon and eggs. Everyone seemed to have a good time including the chapter volunteers who were on hand to cook, serve and clean up in an effort to say “Thank You” to all Harley-Davidson of Atlanta employees for your support and treatment of us both as H.O.G. members and customers of the dealership.

You all are a great staff and make coming down to the dealership a real pleasure. Thanks again for all you do!!!

Sympathy Extended

The Atlanta Chapter extends it deepest sympathies to Eb and Anita Struss upon learning of the loss of Anita’s father on May 5, 2004 after an extended illness.

Welcome Back, Ronnie!!!

Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson of Atlanta welcome back Ronnie Godwin, General Manager, as he returns to full time status at the dealership. Ronnie has been down a very tough road following his accident last August and this return to full time status is an answer to many prayers and well wishes. Ronnie had been back on a part time basis, but his return to full time status is a reflection of the grit and determination he has put into his recovery.

We are really happy to have you back, Ronnie, and look forward to your smile and presence around the shop on a regular basis.

Rally ‘Round the Chapter

Don’t forget that later this month it is Georgia State H.O.G. Rally time in Bulldog country, Athens, GA!!

All of us can help the Atlanta chapter win the “Chapter Challenge” by either volunteering time to help with various tasks and/or also by participating in the events and games scheduled. The more who enter, the better our chances of winning an event, so don’t be shy; step up to the challenge and try some of these things. Also I think for each two hours volunteered the chapter gets one point toward the “Chapter Challenge”. You’ll have a great, fun time if nothing else by doing these things.

Lisa Metcalf and her team have been hard at work to make this a great rally so let’s all show our support by attending and taking part.

Members in the News

One of our Atlanta chapter members, Bill McKinney has announced his candidacy for the position of Cobb County Superior Court Judge in this month’s elections. Bill is a former police officer, and ADA as well as a practicing trial attorney for more than 23 years.

Ride Safe, Ride Often
Tom Sigerfoos, Director
Director, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Assistant Director

See you on the road.

Tom Arnold
Assistant Director, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Tickets are on sale for our next raffle, a 2004 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with custom paint. If you are willing to sell tickets, come by shop and check some out. We will be selling 400 tickets for $100 each. The drawing date is July 31, 2004.

Rene' Durham
Treasurer, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Ride Director

Gary Langmaid
Head Road Captain, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Safety Officer

What’s That Finger For?

I would like to review a topic that may seem elementary. But if you have been riding for a while it does not take long to start to overlook the little things, and that is where the trouble can start. Consider the proper use of hand signals. First of all if you are not comfortable taking your hands off the handgrips: don’t, but make sure to use your mechanical signals. It all starts with the lead road captain, who will use hand signals to indicate a change in course (along with their mechanical signals). Hazards or other information to the group. Each rider uses the same signal to pass the information back through the group.

This is where many of us seem to get lazy. Everyone needs to signal so that it is clearly visible to the riders behind you. The hand signals that our chapter uses are for the most part universal. A common signal I have seen is the use of the one finger point, which can often be misinterpreted as…. very unwelcome universal sign language. When you use this to indicate a right turn, by the time it gets back through the group (eight to 10 motorcycles) the riders in the back are uncertain if we’re turning, forming a single file line or if there is an animal along the right side of the road that we need to be aware of. These are the common hand signals our chapter uses;

Left Turn – Left arm and hand straight out, all fingers straight out.

Right Turn – Left arm straight out with forearm and hand pointing up, all finger straight out.

Road Hazard – Left arm angled down with index finger pointing at the ground, this will indicate that a hazard could be on the left or right side. Be sure to look on both sides for the hazard.

Slow Down – Left arm angled down waving back and forth with open palm.

Single File Riding – Left arm straight up with index finger pointing up.

Staggered Riding – Left arm straight up with two fingers forming a “V”, some will use a fist with the little finger and the index finger pointing up.

Whenever we all are doing the same thing, it eliminates confusion. That makes for a safer and more enjoyable ride. Until next time--take your time, enjoy the ride and chances are you will always keep the shiny side up.

Until next time, ride safely, have fun and keep the shiny side up!

Doug Claycomb
Safety Officer, Atlanta Cha[ter, H.O.G.

Please Don't Drink and Ride!
Friends Don't Let Friends ride Drunk!

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Activities Officer

Terri Varnum
Activities Officer, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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John Metcalf
Photographer, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Scott Vandiver
Membership Officer, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. is accepting business and personal advertisements for the HOGWASH! What a great way to promote your business, organization, service or personal information to all Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. members each month!

Please contact Rene' Durham at 770-944-1340 for more information or to place your ad today!

Advertising Officer, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Dealer Liaison


Ride Safe and Have Fun
David Devlin
Secretary/Dealer Liaison, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Assistant Director

If you have updated your e-mail address, PLEASE send me your new address. I get several undeliverable e-mail messages each time I send a message updating our members on up coming or changed events. Please, keep you e-mail address up to date and stay informed! E-mail me at Thanks!!

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. on Yahoo!

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. has a "Club Address" on Yahoo at the following URL:

Please, check it out! You will be able to chat with other Atlanta Chapter Members. You will have to register to sign on to chat, load pictures and post messages. When you register, please give us you "Real Name". That way other members will recognize your name and be able to e-mail you as a member of the Atlanta Chapter and not someone in Kalamazoo. You will also be able to check out other Harley related clubs around the world. If you have problems, e-mail me and I will try and help.

Gary Langmaid will keep the calendar up to date, so there is no need to miss an important event date. Terri Varnum is now in charge of the Hot Line. If you have concerns about the status of a ride, PLEASE, call 770-908-3435.

This does not replace our HOGWASH Web Page, or the HOGWASH Newsletter, just another e-service of the Atlanta Chapter.

B.K. Ellis
Web Master, Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Hello again from Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc. service department. Some of you are removing your motorcycle from storage to ride in the breeze once again. This is not as simple as cranking and riding, unless you have maintained a charge on your battery and fresh fuel and spark plugs in your motorcycle.

First off, check your battery to ensure that it is in a 100% fully charged condition. Check the surface charge of the battery for a reading of at least 12.6V with the use of a voltmeter. If the reading is below 12.6V, charge the battery and recheck the voltage after one to two hours. Never charge a battery without first reviewing the instructions for the charger being used.

Next, remove and inspect your spark plugs. Replace them if necessary. They should be a tan to golden brown in color. Check your air cleaner element. If you have a stock air cleaner element, you may need to replace it if it appears dirty. If you have a K&N high flow air cleaner element, clean it with K&N air cleaner and re-oil with K&N air cleaner oil.

Check your lubricant levels according to your factory owner or service manual. Also, check your controls for proper operation. Operate the front and rear brakes, throttle, clutch and shifter. Make sure your steering is smooth by turning the handlebars through the full operating range.

Make sure your air pressure is correct according to your factory service manual. Incorrect pressure will result in poor riding characteristics and can affect handling and stability or abnormal tread wear. Check the electrical equipment and switches including the stop lamp, turn signals, and horn for proper operation. Also, check for any fuel, oil or brake fluid leaks.

Finally, turn the engine over a few times to be sure there is no oil in the crankcase and that all oil has been pumped back into the oil tank. Stop the engine and recheck the oil level. Failure to do so may result in equipment damage.

Now that you have all of these technical inspections out of the way, get out there and enjoy the nice weather once again. Please contact an authorized dealer for any and all concerns you may have with your motorcycle and let the experts get you back on the road safely and quickly. Remember, you are only as safe as you make your motorcycle while out on the road riding. Until next month's tech tip, thank you from your Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc. service department.

Glenn Mitchell, Service Advisor
Harley-Davidson of Atlanta

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Covered Dish Meeting

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. members, please bring a “family size” covered dish to July 15, 2004 chapter meeting if you plan to eat. Lets make sure everyone has enough to eat. The chapter will cook hamburgers, hot dog and furnish the drinks. If you need a suggestion, please contact Rene’, 770-944-1340.

Thanks for your support.

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DeSota Falls Recap

We had 17 riders/passengers to show up on 10 bikes for this ride. It was a good mishaps.

The weather, although a bit "iffy" earlier, held very nicely both ways and the food was really good, too, as was the fellowship. Going up, we stopped briefly to pay our respects and say thanks at the Tallapoosa Veterans Memorial. It's very pretty and they keep it very nice out there, and after all it was Memorial Day weekend. After eating and on the way back some of us rode around the little River Canyon and/or went to see the falls. Then some of us stopped off in Cave Spring to see what kind of fudge Miss Martha Jane had to offer this weekend. For those who haven't tried it, it is all home made and very good and she even has a sugar free fudge for those of us who might need it. Thanks to all who rode with us and thanks to David and Cindy Smith for riding sweep for me. I appreciate it and I hope everyone had a good ride.

Ride today like you want to be able to ride tomorrow.
Steve Johnson, Road Captain

TN State H.O.G. Rally Recap

Once upon a time on a quiet Saturday morning there were law-abiding citizens chatting in a parking lot. There were hazy clouds dappling an otherwise gray sky.

Amidst chuckles and giggles one could hear the voice of John Riggs say let’s go. The next thing you know craziness abounded and thunder rolled.

You guessed it. A Harley Ride.

Time ticked away. Many traffic lights passed overhead. Countryside passed on the right and left. At some point we all had tunnel vision. (Truly! We went through a tunnel.)

Somehow we found ourselves Choo Chooing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Out of somewhere one could hear the cry “Lets Eat”.

Some went here. Some went there. Some turned to turkey. Some turned to salad. Some got beefed. Some got winged. One got nailed.

Sorry John!!

Then on the horizon was a special friend with the keys to a private kingdom. Honest Charley’s Speed Shop, Coker Tires for Collectible Vehicles and Corky Coker’s private collection of antique cars and motorcycles were ours.

Then, there’s THE REST OF THE STORY.

Thanks John, Mike and Glenn for orchestrating a great day.

Corolla Vandiver, Member Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Ride
July 10, 2004

The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Rally for a Cure ( for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ) will depart from Harley-Davidson of Atlanta at 11:00 a.m. headed toward Madison, GA. Once they arrive there, they will enjoy a lunch, provided by Olde South Cycles. The ride then continues to the Tucker, GA facility for an afternoon of food, drinks, live band (Vinyl), Live Charity Auction, and the heart pounding excitement of the ILLCONDUCT Stunt Team. If there are question's about registration please call Katherine at 678-775-1422. Harley-Davidson of Atlanta is an official sponsor of the event.

Ed Compton

Yoder's Restaurant
Saturday, July 17, 2004

Yoder's Deutsch Haus - This is a Mennonite operated and nationally renowned restaurant, bakery and gift shop located in the center of Macon County's charming Mennonite community. Serving home made Southern style dishes including roast beef, chicken, fish, casseroles, southern vegetables and home made desserts. Andersonville National Park nearby. The ride officially ends -at Yoder’s. We will encounter a little traffic on 19/41 until we get pass Griffin. From Griffin you will view a lot of peach and pecan orchids, farm land and beautiful antebellum homes. The ride will take us thru Barnesville, Fort Valley and Marshallville, a distance of 125 miles.

Meet: 8:30 a.m.
Value City Parking lot
I-75 South Exit 235 (US 19/41 Tara Blvd.)
Leave: 9:00 a.m.
Ride Rating: 2-pig

Terry Gibbs, Road Captain

Tapoco Lodge Resort
August 13-14, 2004

Tapoco Lodge Resort is nestled in the Western North Carlina Graham County Mountains 15 miles North of Robbinville on Hwy. 129 and the Cheoah River. The food offered at the Tapoco Lodge is Traditional southern cuisine, with a different dinner served each night. All breads and desserts are made from scratch at the Lodge. They offer breakfast and lunch as well. Inside

The Lodge they offer billiards, ping pong, cards, reading library, satellite TV and a variety of indoor games. Outside of the Lodge they offer lighted tennis courts and horseshoes. Nearby streams are there for the fly fisherman, trout fisherman or lake fisherman, take your choice, Cheoah River, nearby Nantahala River, Slick Rock Creek and Snowbird Creek; Santetlah,

Calderwood and Fontana Lakes offer great bass fishing, also. There are hiking trails and white-water adventures nearby. There are several points of interest within a 30-mile radius, Chief Junaluska's Grave, Origination Point of the Trail of Tears, scenic Cherohala Skyway and The Tail of the Dragon, Deals Gap is only 3 miles North of the Lodge. I have 17 cottages blocked, each has two full size beds, the cost is $79.00 plus tax per night for two people and $20.00 for each additional person. The reservation cut off date for the cottages are July 16th, with a 14-day cancellation policy. To make your reservations call 1-828-498-2435 and tell them that you are with Atlanta Harley-Davidson HOG Chapter. We will meet at HDA at 8:30 a.m. and leave at 9:00 a.m. Friday, August 13th and return home on Sunday, August 15th. My wife, Cheryl and

I stayed there last year and we really enjoyed it and I think you will too! So until then, ride safe and have fun!

Your 5 HOG Road Captain.

Chris Kurts, Road Captain
Ride Rating: 5-Pig

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Information... Rene'

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Personal privacy and security of information are mutual concerns of H.O.G., its members, and visitors to Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. web site. This Statement explains H.O.G.'s Internet policies and security measures relating to personal privacy and information security. The Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. collects and stores the following information about you when you visit the Atlanta Chapter web site: the name of the domain from which you access the Internet (for example,, if you are connecting from an America Online account); the date and time you access the site; and the Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our site. The chapter uses this information to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of its site. This helps H.O.G. to make its site more responsive to its members and prospective members.

H.O.G. will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide such information. If you choose to send e-mail, registration, or other personal information over the Internet, you do so voluntarily.

The Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. will not disclose personal information provided to it except as follows:

At your request, which may be oral, in writing, by telephone, electronic or other means we recognize;

To assist H.O.G. in evaluating its programs and to continue to improve the quality of your on-line and membership experience;

When disclosure is required by law, such as pursuant to court order, subpoena, legal process or government agency examination or investigation, or to protect or enforce our rights;

To companies that perform services for H.O.G. in connection with your membership, such as data processing and financial transaction processing companies and agencies;

To Harley-Davidson affiliated companies and carefully selected third parties for their own use to provide products and services, or other opportunities to you, unless you have instructed us in writing not to do so; and

In connection with Harley-Davidson corporate due diligence and audits.

By your use of and connection to our web site, you understand and consent to this privacy statement. If for any reason you are concerned that the personal or member information maintained by H.O.G. is not correct or if for some reason you believe H.O.G. has not adhered to these privacy principles, please notify us by calling 1-800-CLUB-HOG.

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