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Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Inc.
Chapter Number 0788
June 2001 Issue

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Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. 2001

Director Director
B.K. Ellis
Assistamt Director Assistant Director
Dick Cadou
Sec Secretary/Treasurer/Editor
Rene' Durham
Ride Director Ride Director
Steve Johnson
LOH Ladies of Harley Officer
Patty Toney
Safety Officer Safety Officer
David Olszewski
Web Master Web Master
B.K. Ellis
Photographer Photographer/Historian
Hank Somma
Advertising Advertising
Jim Sherrer
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Don Brown
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Vernon Eldred
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Tom Sigerfoos
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Mike Volk

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June 2001 Event Schedule

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. events are considered "CLOSED" unless otherwise noted!

See Event Statement.

June 6, 2001
Macon Braves Ride

June 4, 2001
Impromptu Lunch Ride

June 7, 2001
LOH Dinner Ride
Old Hickory House

June 8, 2001
High Roads Trail Ride

June 9, 2001
Cave Springs Rime

June 11, 2001
Impromptu Lunch Ride

June 15, 2001
Tennessee State H.O.G. Rally

June 16, 2001
Tennessee State H.O.G. Rally Day Ride

May 18, 2001
Alabama State H.O.G. Rally

June 18, 2001
Impromptu Lunch Ride

June 19, 2001
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meeting

June 21, 2001
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Meeting

June 23, 2001
Oconee Dinner Ride

June 30, 2001
Impromptu Lunch Ride

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Event Statement

Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities, all activities are identified as follows:

Closed Events are those Chapter Events which are open to chapter members and one guest per member.

Member Events are Events that are open only to H.O.G. members.

Open Events are those Chapter Events which are open to Chapter Members, National H.O.G. Members and other guests as desired.

If you are interested in becoming a Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Member, email Rene' Durham, or call 770-944-1340

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Business Meeting

Please NOTE! Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meetings have moved to the Tuesday preceding the Chapter Meeting on Thursday, unless otherwise noted.

Printer Needed

If you can help us with our printing of the HOGWASH, please call Rene' at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta and discuss what you can offer. Thanks, we really need some help.

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Charleston's Spring Ride was great! Thanks to "Bud" for the great weather. He told Patty that there was no need to pack rain gear because he "guaranteed" a great weekend and he was right. All you had to pack was plenty of sun screen and gnat repellent. Congratulations to Shyra Houghton for making her first solo motorcycle ride with the Chapter. Shyra picked up her Motorcycle Drivers Licenses on Tuesday and was riding like a pro on Friday. Shyra and Rene' were the only two women who made the trip solo. For those of us staying at the Days Inn, Chris picked up the tab at the Crab House on Friday night. Thank you Chris for a great time. We had a great Chapter Dinner on Saturday night at Gilligans in Mount Pleasant, SC. This was the place Tom took us year before last and we thought a return engagement was due. Some of us visited the Battery, the downtown area, including the cobble stone street, the Isle of Palms and of course the Harley Shop. By the way, the next time you see Danny Phillips, ask him to tell you the "Whip Cream Story".

We took the South Carolina Heritage Corridor out of Augusta and rode it all the way to Charleston. It was a very scenic back road ride till we got near Charleston and then got caught in the Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. It was still a great ride and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me.

Some had asked about getting Name Badges. If you would like one with the H.O.G. Logo and Atlanta Chapter on it, give your name and money to Rene' at the Harley-Davidson of Atlanta. They cost about $9 and we have to have a minimum order of 12 before we can order. This might take some time, but the sooner you sign up the faster we will get them ordered.

I would like to thank all of those that so graciously brought a covered dish to April Chapter Meeting. From the looks of how clean the bowls were, ever one enjoyed the food immensely.

Please call or email me about any concerns you have about the Atlanta Chapter. All input is welcomed, good or bad. I would like to hear from you!

Remember that alcohol is not permitted on Atlanta Chapter Rides. If you must drink and ride, you will be ask to leave the ride. PLEASE! Don't make our Ride Captains make this decision.

Willie G. Rides

We are instituting this year, what we call "Willie G. Rides." We will give tickets on special rides, which will be you're responsible for keeping up with. At the Anniversary party we will draw a ticket and the Luck Member will receive a Leather Jacket. "Willie G. Rides" will not be announced in advance. We will pick one, two three or none, rides a month that will qualify for the "Willie G. Ride." So too win, you will have to attend as many rides as your time permits.


Not too hard is it. So just ride, eat and have fun with the Atlanta Chapter and maybe win a Leather Jacket.

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Calling!

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. is in the process of making available to Atlanta Chapter Members a service call Calling Post. With Calling Post, we can send a telephone message to Atlanta Chapter Members about New or Changed Activities by telephone. Rene' and Patty are in the process of entering everyone's name and telephone number into the system. If you do not receive one of these messages in the near future, we either don't have a current phone number or you omitted you phone number on your application. If you do not receive these update messages or want to be deleted from these messages, give Rene' or Patty a call at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta and they will update your name accordingly.

Get Well Soon!

Get well wishes goes to Danny White. Danny, we are all wishing, and hoping you'll soon be smiling, happy, well and riding again soon.

Fresh Air BBQ

Gary this ride was for you. Sorry you had to miss it and sure hope you are feeling better and back riding soon. We have a great day for riding. After we got across town we had a nice back roads ride down to Flovilla, GA and the Fresh Air BBQ. Gary, when you are feeling better, we will have to do it again.

We have some weekends starting in July with no rides scheduled. If you have an idea for a ride, please call or email Steve Johnson and talk it over with him. We are interested in your thoughts for rides and would be most appreciative of any suggestion you have.

We still have several overnight rides in June, July and August. Patty has worked hard in blocking room for us for these rides. Please call, email or stop by Harley-Davidson of Atlanta see Patty and get your name on the list if one of these rides fits into you riding plans.

Ride Safe and Have Fun!

B.K. Ellis
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Hi, y'all! It's been a few months since the last time I have appeared in print; but if you have been riding with the Chapter or attending the meetings regularly, you've seen me there. Let me see, I made the Gumbeaux's Saturday Lunch ride and then on to the Peckerhead Brewery for talk and relaxation and 4 out of 5 of the Friday Lunch Rides in March. The Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, GA on St. Patrick's Day where we surprised a few folks who wouldn't ride a motorcycle if their lives depended on it.

Primary Officer Training was both fun and informative. I met other H.O.G. Officers who have visited our Chapter Web Sites and were very impressed by it's quality and the activities we have every month. As always, my hat's off to B.K. for that. Calendar and Hot Line maintenance kudos go to Jim Keely.

Unfortunately, April is a tough month for me. Business takes me out of town a lot.

This month, the Panama City Beach Rally Ride had good attendance. We met up with a few of our members at our hotel that stopped by to say hello. The actual rally was almost a bust; but all new rallies go through growing pains. The weather couldn't have been better and the amount of bikers in PCB was large. We also met members from the Macon Chapter.

On the way down, we stopped for lunch in Eufaula, AL at the Cajun Corner Café and enjoyed my type of Southern cooking. (The stuff I was raised on.) I tried to inform everyone of my room # if anyone needed information.

On Friday, a group of us rode west to Pensacola and had lunch at Flounder's on Pensacola Beach. I highly recommend the food and atmosphere. We then proceeded to H-D of Pensacola for the obligatory T-shirt stop. When we returned to Panama City, we had put 275 miles on our bikes. What a great day!

On Saturday, we made what I call the Oyster Run, heading east on 98. We visited Regan's in Mexico Beach, the Raw Bar on Hwy. 30 coming out of St. Joe, Boss's Oyster Bar in Apalachicola and then our final stop in St. George at the Blue Parrot. A good time was had by one and all! What a ride! Another 200+ mile day. You couldn't ask for better. A special thanks to Gary Swicegood and Randy McCook who led us to some of their special places.

The opportunity to party at various establishments was always available and taken advantage of by many others and myself. Late nights at the beach pool, where good conversation lasted till 2 AM also was available. And, some of the best seafood restaurants around.

The ride back on Sunday was uneventful with one exception! My front rocker box gasket had been leaking since Saturday which caused me some concern and prohibited me from any high speed riding on the interstates. Isn't getting there safe our only mission? Common Sense among the folks I've been riding with lately has been common which among the general population is not. I always appreciate responsible adult behavior that is self-imposed and not politically correct. If you can't play well with others stay home in your cotton ball filled room with the door locked and the music turned up so you don't have to deal with reality and being personally responsible for your actions.

Saturday's AL State Rally Ride had a bit of every thing as far as conditions go. The roads we traveled were a good mix and so was the weather! Some things we just don't have control over and must deal with the conditions as they arise. All in all, it was a ride to remember and gain experience from. The folks from the Rocket City Chapter, host H.O.G. folks, could not have been more helpful or friendly.

See y'all soon, enough wind from my face and now in my face on the bike.

Hope to see you!

Crank'em up and move'm out! Ride safe!

Dick Cadou
Assistant Director,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Everyone be safe.

Rene' Durham
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Ride Director's Report

Ride today like you want be able to ride tomorrow!

Please Ride Responsible,

Steve Johnson
Ride Director,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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April 14, 2001 L.O.H. Dinner Ride to Lighthouse Restaurant

Sorry this is a little late getting in. B.K. said I could not add it last month because my article and another article were taking up most of the newsletter. BK, are you saying some of us talk too much? Well, I get that a lot.

This was a great ride. The weather was perfect. We arrived promptly at 4:00 P.M. when The Lighthouse opened and left in plenty of time to return home before it got dark. The food was quite good and the company as always was terrific. Many thanks to all who came out for this ride. And thanks to B.K. and Dirt for riding shotgun.

Look for a recap on The Macon Braves Game in the next newsletter.

May 9, 2001 L.O.H. Dinner Meeting

This was our first dinner meeting. I was so pleased at the turn out. We discussed a lot of issues and several decisions were made. We had a great dinner and enjoyed visiting as well. This was just plain fun. Our next L.O.H. Dinner Meeting will be Thursday, June 7, 2001 at 6:30 P.M. at The Old Hickory House in Douglasville, GA. As always, guys you're welcome to come too. So come on out June 7 and join in the fun.

Well, to do my part in saving space in this issue, I am finished for now. Be sure to check out the Hotel Update Section. You will find new and updated info there.

Well, that's it for me this month. Please contact me with your ideas and suggestions. I need your help.

Y'all stay cool, but still leather up.

And let me know how I am doing!

Catch ya later, see ya.

Patty Toney
Ladies of Harley Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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The Safety HOG

Hello Atlanta H.O.G. For those of you who were unable to attend the Charleston ride, you missed a great trip. The weather was perfect, food was plentiful and the company was awesome. I want to send a special thanks to Patty and Fred Toney for stopping with me when my bike died on the return trip. Fortunately, it was a simple vacuum line problem, and we were underway quickly.

Safety Tip of the Month: This month's tip focuses on Lane Positioning. To a motorcyclist, the lane is divided into three parts, left, center and right. There is no one best part of the lane to stay in. It all depends upon road conditions and the circumstances at that time. The middle of the lane gathers vehicle grease and oil, causing it to be very slippery, especially when wet and not a good place to be when you need to maneuver or stop quickly. Most riders will stay in the left part of the lane when not on a group ride. This allows them to see oncoming traffic better, to be seen more effectively by the driver ahead and not be crowded off the road by a passing vehicle merging in too quickly.

In a group ride, we ride in what is called staggered formation. The ride leader will start out and stay in the left part of the lane and everyone else should fall into a staggered formation on opposite parts of the lane, i.e., the second rider should be in the right part of the lane, one second behind and so on. This formation provides a safety buffer for every rider in all directions, yet keeps the group tight. In staggered formation, riders should try to stay within their respective part of the lane and not drift in and out. However, there are times when it is necessary to move out of a staggered formation. These include, when the ride leader signals for a single file, when going through sharp curves or corners, and when there is an obstruction within a part of the lane.

If you ride safely, you'll ride longer!

If you ride safely, you'll ride longer!

David Olszewski
Safety Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

Please Don't Drink and Ride!
Friends Don't Let Friends ride Drunk!

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Activities Officer's Report

Activities Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Historian/Photographer's Report

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. HISTORY

Four Years A Go This Month, June 24, 1997

June 7...Lunch Ride

Two Douglasville motorcycle police officers left Harley-Davidson of Atlanta's parking lot, followed by fourteen Harleys for a rather scenic ride thru Douglasville. They were riding to CiCi's Pizza, owned by H.O.G. member Steve Smith. With all that good pizza to eat, some members had to be rolled out the door. Nothing like having a police escort when you go, "out to lunch".

June, 21 -22...Summer Celebration Ride

Thirty-three motorcycles and forty-eight motorcyclists met at the Holiday Inn on I-85 north, prizes were given out and two riding groups were formed for a safer ride. A picnic lunch at the Gazebo in downtown Walhalla, SC. was the talk of the town. Yes, more prizes were given out. After checking into a motel in York, it was off to the "Roadside Grille". Ok, we all know what the most important part of a ride, food. A big thank you to Eddie and Chris for all the prizes.

Hank Somma
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Web Master's Report

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. on Yahoo!

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. has a "Club Address" on Yahoo at the following URL:

Please, check it out! You will be able to chat with other Atlanta Chapter Members. You will have to register to sign on to chat, load pictures and post messages. When you register, please give us you name, city and email address. That way other members will recognize your name and be able to email you as a member of the Atlanta Chapter and not someone in Kalamazoo. You will also be able to check out other Harley related clubs around the world. If you have problems, email me and I will try and help.

Jim Keely keeps the calendar up to date, so there is no need to miss an important event date. Jim is also in charge of the Hot Line. If you have concerns about the status of a ride, PLEASE, call 770-908-3435.

This does not replace our HOGWASH Web Page, www.atlantahog.comor the HOGWASH Newsletter, just another e-service of the Atlanta Chapter.

B.K. Ellis
Web Master,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Hotel Information

Call Patty Toney, 770-948-3668

Macon Braves Game, Macon, GA June 1-2, 2001
Hampton Inn, Riverside Drive $59.00
DEADLINE: MAY 15, 2001

Tennessee State Rally Chattanooga, TN 6/14-6/16
Chattanooga Marriott $97.00 per night. This is about 3 blocks from the site (Not walking distance).
DEADLINE: MAY 14, 2001

Nashville, TN Ride (L.O.H.) July 13-15, 2001
Best Western Metro Inn $48.80-$52.00
DEADLINE: MAY 14, 2001

Lowes Motor Speedway Flat Track Motorcycle Races, July 28, 2001

Georgia State Rally Atlanta, GA October 11-13, 2001
Marriott, Pleasant Hill (Host Hotel) $79.00 per night plus tax.
72 Hour Cancellation Policy

Biketoberfest, Daytona October 19-21, 2001
Details TBA

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Road Trip(s)

Oconee Dinner Ride

Meet Location # 1: Harley-Davidson-Atlanta 2:15 PM, Saturday, June 23, depart 2:45 PM

Meet Location # 2: SW Corner of Winn-Dixie Parking Lot, Salem Rd at Flat Shoals Road, 2:30 PM. That's the first stoplight south of I-20, Exit 84. We will depart when the group from Harley-Davidson of Atlanta gets here, so be on time and ready to ride!

I was asked before the 1st of the year to map out a route and destination the Chapter hasn't done before. Here it is:

We'll ride I-20 east to Exit 84, Salem Rd. We'll meet the Eastsiders at the Winn-Dixie parking lot. Motorcycles with smaller tanks, or less than good fuel mileage, could fuel at the Amoco across the street from Winn-Dixie.

When we leave Winn-Dixie, we will ride a meandering route on mostly two-lane state roads to the Granite Shoals Marina on Lake Oconee. The menu there has a large general selection ranging from burgers and steaks to ribs or catfish. We will be trying to arrive by 5:30 PM. Anything later than that can result in a long wait in line. They can not seat a large group all together. We will be seated in groups of 6 or less, as they don't want to rearrange or group their tables.

Leaving the Marina we will continue a leisurely back roads ride back as far as the Amoco Station next to Exit 98 I-20/Hwy 11. The ride will end there, but I expect any who wish can find a group returning together to Atlanta.

Jim Keely
Ride Leader,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

High Trails Ride

Don't forget our weekend ride June 8-10th to North Carolina and Tennessee. We will be seeing some of the best mountain riding the southeast has to offer and if the weather is cooperative, we should have a wonderful ride. Highlights include the Cherohala Skyway and the Blue Ridge Parkway!! Bring a camera along for this one, as there will be lots of good scenery available

If you did not make hotel reservations by May 7th, call our L.O.H. Officer, Patty Toney and see if she can help you with those. All the unused rooms were released May 8th but there may still be time to get you in. Her number is in the HOGWASH, or call the shop mid afternoons as she is working there at that time.

We will stop at the Pink Pig in Cherry Log, GA for lunch about an hour or so after we leave, so save your appetite for that (unless you do not like BBQ).

I hope to see lots of you at the meeting place on Friday June 8th!!

When: Friday, June 8th

Meeting Place/Tine: Cracker Barrel, Kennesaw, GA-exit 271 on I-75 North; meet at 11:00 AM

Safety Briefing: safety briefing and route coverage begins at 11:30

Departure Time: we leave at 11:45 AM; be gassed up and ready to ride.

Ride Leader: Tom Sigerfoos, (770) 971-4467 or e-mail

Call me if you have questions or concerns about the ride.

Tom Sigerfoos
Ride Captain,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

Chattanooga River Boat Dinner Cruise

Note, the Chattanooga River Boat Dinner Cruise scheduled for August 25, 2001, has been cancelled due to the lack of interest.

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Happy Birthday to the following Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Members!

June 2001 Birthdays

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Tentative Events Schedule, 2001
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

January 2001

01 Tommy Tyner Annual Memorial Ride
11 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
13 Buckner's Lunch Ride
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
21 FYI...Abate Swap Meet, Lakewood
27 Impromptu Lunch Ride
30 FYI...Abate Helmet Ride

February 2001

02-04 FYI...Great American Motorcycle Show
North Atlanta Trade Center
10 Sweetheart Lunch Ride
13 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
16-18 FYI...Atlanta International Motorcycle Show
Cobb Galleria
24 LOH Lunch Ride, Gombeaux's

March 2001

02-11 FYI...Daytona Bike Week
02 Impromptu Lunch Ride
04 Impromptu Ride
08 Dinner at Julian's, Daytona Beach, FL
09 Impromptu Lunch Ride
09 Lunch at The Deck, Daytona Beach, FL
10 New Member Orientation and Ride
13 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
16 Impromptu Lunch Ride
17 LOH St. Patrick's Day Blue Willow Inn Lunch Ride
23 Impromptu Lunch Ride
25 Cherry Blossom Festival, Macon, GA
30 Impromptu Lunch Ride
31 Music Festival, Williamson, GA

April 2001

07 FYI...Care4Cops Ride
08 LaPrade's Lunch Ride
14 LOH Light House Restaurant Ride
17 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
19 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
20-22 Charleston, SC Spring Ride
27-29 FYI...Cherokee, NC Spring Rally
28 Impromptu Lunch Ride

May 2001

05 FYI...Ride for Special Olympics
06 FYI...American Diabetes Ride
06 FYI...Abate Swap Meet, Lakewood
10-13 Panama City, FL Bike Week Ride
12 Impromptu Lunch Ride
17-19 Alabama H.O.G.State Rally
19 Alabama H.O.G.State Rally, Day Ride
22 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
24 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
26 P.O.W. Memorial Ride
28 FYI...Rolling Thunder Ride

June 2001

02-03 LOH Macon Braves Ride
08-10 Southern High Roads Trail Ride
09 Cave Springs, GA Ride
14-16 Tennessee State H.O.G. Rally
19 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
21 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
23 Oconee Dinner Ride
24 FYI...Georgia Sheriff's Youth Homes Ride
30 Lunch Ride

July 2001

04 Dale Moorefield Memorial Ride, Bostwick, GA
13-15 LOH Nashville, TN Ride
17 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
18 FYI...National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day
19 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
27-29 Charlotte, SC Flat Track Motorcycle Races

August 2001

04-12 FYI...61th Annual Sturgis Rally, Sturgis, SD
14 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
16 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
25-26 L.O.H. Chattanooga Dinner Boat Cruise and Ride

September 2001

08 Booties Restaurant Ride
15 FYI...Trail of Tears Ride, Chattanooga, TN
16 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. 16th Anniversary Party
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
20 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
23 Blessing of the Bikes
27-30 Biloxi, MS Ride
30 Field Stone Inn Ride

October 2001

6-7 March of Dimes Ride
11-13 Georgia State H.O.G. Rally
16 Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meeting
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
18-21 FYI...Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach, FL
27 LaPrade's Lunch Ride

November 2001

10 P.O.W. Memorial Trail Ride
13 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting

December 2001

02 Christian City Toy Ride
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
20 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting

January 2002

01 Annual Tommy Tyner Memorial Ride

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Personal privacy and security of information are mutual concerns of H.O.G., its members, and visitors to Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. web site. This Statement explains H.O.G.'s Internet policies and security measures relating to personal privacy and information security. The Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. collects and stores the following information about you when you visit the Atlanta Chapter web site: the name of the domain from which you access the Internet (for example,, if you are connecting from an America Online account); the date and time you access the site; and the Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our site. The chapter uses this information to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of its site. This helps H.O.G. to make its site more responsive to its members and prospective members.

H.O.G. will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide such information. If you choose to send e-mail, registration, or other personal information over the Internet, you do so voluntarily.

The Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. will not disclose personal information provided to it except as follows:

At your request, which may be oral, in writing, by telephone, electronic or other means we recognize;

To assist H.O.G. in evaluating its programs and to continue to improve the quality of your on-line and membership experience;

When disclosure is required by law, such as pursuant to court order, subpoena, legal process or government agency examination or investigation, or to protect or enforce our rights;

To companies that perform services for H.O.G. in connection with your membership, such as data processing and financial transaction processing companies and agencies;

To Harley-Davidson affiliated companies and carefully selected third parties for their own use to provide products and services, or other opportunities to you, unless you have instructed us in writing not to do so; and

In connection with Harley-Davidson corporate due diligence and audits.

By your use of and connection to our web site, you understand and consent to this privacy statement. If for any reason you are concerned that the personal or member information maintained by H.O.G. is not correct or if for some reason you believe H.O.G. has not adhered to these privacy principles, please notify us by calling 1-800-CLUB-HOG.

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