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Harley-Davidson of Atlanta, Inc.
501 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122

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Official Newsletter
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Inc.
Chapter Number 0788
May 2001 Issue

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Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. 2001

Director Director
B.K. Ellis
Assistamt Director Assistant Director
Dick Cadou
Sec Secretary/Treasurer/Editor
Rene' Durham
Ride Director Ride Director
Steve Johnson
LOH Ladies of Harley Officer
Patty Toney
Safety Officer Safety Officer
David Olszewski
Web Master Web Master
B.K. Ellis
Photographer Photographer/Historian
Hank Somma
Advertising Advertising
Jim Sherrer
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Don Brown
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Vernon Eldred
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Tom Sigerfoos
Ride Captain Ride Captain
Mike Volk

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May 2001 Event Schedule

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. events are considered "CLOSED" unless otherwise noted!

See Event Statement.

May 5, 2001
FYI...Ride for Special Olympics

May 6, 2001
FYI...Ride to Live
American Diabetes Association

May 6, 2001
FYI...Abate Swap Meet

May 9, 2001
L.O.H. Dinner Meeting

May 10, 2001
Panama City Thunder on the Beach Ride

May 12, 2001
Impromptu Lunch Ride

May 17, 2001
Alabama State H.O.G. Rally

May 18, 2001
Alabama State H.O.G. Rally

May 17, 2001
Alabama State H.O.G. Rally, Day Ride

May 22, 2001
Note Date Change

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meeting

May 24, 2001
Note Date Change

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Chapter Meeting

May 26, 2001
POW Memorial Ride

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Event Statement

Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities, all activities are identified as follows:

Closed Events are those Chapter Events which are open to chapter members and one guest per member.

Member Events are Events that are open only to H.O.G. members.

Open Events are those Chapter Events which are open to Chapter Members, National H.O.G. Members and other guests as desired.

If you are interested in becoming a Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Member, email Rene' Durham, or call 770-944-1340

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Business Meeting

Please NOTE! Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meetings have moved to the Tuesday preceding the Chapter Meeting on Thursday, unless otherwise noted.

Printer Needed

If you can help us with our printing of the HOGWASH, please call Rene' at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta and discuss what you can offer. Thanks, we really need some help.

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First, let me thank George and Polly Zell for accompanying Betty Southern back home after her motorcycle started acting up on the LaPrade's Ride. Problems happen ever now and then and it sure is nice to have friends that will give up their day of riding and lunch to make sure you get back home safely.

We have had a lot going on the past month. We completed the Friday Lunch Rides without too much participation. I know the weather was a contributing factor and most members were gone two Fridays to Bike Week. Maybe we will try it again this fall.

Dick, Patty, David, Rene' and I attended the Primary Officer's Training in Panama City, FL. We had two intense days of training on the "does and don'ts" of running a H.O.G. Chapter. If you don't think so, just ask to look at Patty's notes. I almost had to fire David for riding around without his helmet on. I would like to thank the Chapter for affording us this opportunity. If you would like to be an Atlanta Chapter Officer next year, you will be given this opportunity. We had great weather the days we were in class, but when we got up to come home on Sunday, it was raining. Guess you win some and lose some and some get rained on.

We had a great ride to Blue Willow Inn on St Patrick's Day. Don't care much for green mash potatoes or biscuits. The spring ride to LaPrade's was also a big success, lots of motorcycles, good weather and food. Had some first time members on the ride and expressed they enjoyed the ride and company of other Atlanta Chapter Members. Everyone made them feel welcomed!

We have more activities planed in May; Panama City, FL, Thunder on the Beach, Alabama State H.O.G. Rally, Impromptu Lunch Ride for those of us not going to Panama City and the POW Memorial Ride. Don't forget that we have moved the Atlanta Chapter Meeting for May to May 24 to accommodate those leaving on Thursday, May 17 for the Alabama State H.O.G. Rally. Check the May Calendar for FYI activities that are being held, like the Ride for Special Olympics and American Diabetes Ride. FYI activities just means that there is not a planed ride by the Atlanta Chapter to the activity, but thought you might like to know about it and participate anyway.

Please note, not ever Atlanta Chapter Ride is a Willie G. Ride, rides where we give tickets for the drawing of a Leather Jacket at our Anniversary Party. We only have two or three Willie G. Rides per month. So if you are interested in a chance on the leather jacket, you have to attend as many rides as possible and be at the Anniversary Party for the drawing. Remember that you must be a "member in good standing of the Atlanta Chapter too win the jacket."

Please call or email me about any concerns you have about the Atlanta Chapter. All input is welcomed, good or bad. I would like to hear from you!

Remember that alcohol is not permitted on Atlanta Chapter Rides. If you must drink and ride, you will be ask to leave the ride. PLEASE! Don't make our Ride Captains make this decision.

Willie G. Rides

We are instituting this year, what we call "Willie G. Rides." We will give tickets on special rides, which will be you're responsible for keeping up with. At the Anniversary party we will draw a ticket and the Luck Member will receive a Leather Jacket. "Willie G. Rides" will not be announced in advance. We will pick one, two three or none, rides a month that will qualify for the "Willie G. Ride." So too win, you will have to attend as many rides as your time permits.


Not too hard is it. So just ride, eat and have fun with the Atlanta Chapter and maybe win a Leather Jacket.

Ride Safe and Have Fun!

B.K. Ellis
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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HOG Members, start your engines and join us for the Thunder Beach 2001 Rally on Florida's most beautiful beaches!

We had 20 rooms booked at the Sugar Beach Motel at $75.00 per night + tax. The hotel deadline for holding rooms for our chapter was March 16, 2001. Please call Patty Toney (770) 948-3668 for reservations. There may still be rooms available at this hotel. If not, she'll help you find accommodations elsewhere.

Meet at the Amoco Station on I-85, Exit 56 (Collingsworth Rd/Palmetto) at 8:30 AM, Thursday, May 10th and leave at 9:00 AM.

MAY 19, 2001

Join your Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. on Saturday, May 19, 2001 for a day ride to the Alabama State H.O.G. Rally in Huntsville, AL. Meet at HDA at 8:30 AM leave at 9:00 AM.

Hope to see you!

Crank'em up and move'm out! Ride safe!

Dick Cadou
Assistant Director,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Everyone be safe.

Rene' Durham
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Ride Director's Report

Hello to all my fellow Harley enthusiast. I hope that everyone has been able to at least get in some riding time during April so as to get back in condition for the coming months rides, of which there are many. If you haven't yet done so, please have your bike checked out and serviced so it too will be in top shape for these rides. None of us want to have problems with our bikes, especially on a ride. Give Harry a call at the shop and he'll be glad to set you with an appointment to have it done right so you can ride worry free! No one can prevent all the problems but this is the best way that I know of to prevent as many problems as possible. This is the reason we brought our bikes in the first place, to enjoy them and not have to worry about it breaking down and having to sit for hours waiting to be picked up and then having to have the work done anyway, right! It's just a part of riding...accept it and have it done, you'll really feel better about riding when you do.

Sharon and I are really looking forward to the Panama City Beach Ride, May 10th-13th. Assistant Director, Dick Cadou will be leading this ride and I'm sure it will be a good one, ya'll join us if you can. Myrtle Beach Bike Week is May 13th -20th. Also from the 17th-19th is the Alabama State H.O.G. Rally. For those of us who can't make the entire rally there will be a day ride on the 19th; Dick Cadou will also lead this one. On the 26th is the P.O.W. Memorial Ride. The following four events are FYI only: May 5th, Special Olympics Ride; 6th; American Diabetes Ride and Abate Swap Meet at Lakewood; and 28th is the Rolling Thunder Ride.

Ride today like you want be able to ride tomorrow!

Please Ride Responsible,

Steve Johnson
Ride Director,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Well warm weather has arrived (sort of) and I hope that everyone is keeping the bike ready to go with a full gas tank. There are so many great rides coming up and I hope everyone takes advantage.

In March I was fortunate enough to be allowed to attend P.O.T. Training. What an experience. I had a wonderful time, met a lot of great people, but more important I learned a lot. I'm hoping to see a few changes in our Chapter and 'll need your help. Here are a few things I would like to see happen. 1) I would like to see a "Welcoming Committee" consisting of as many ladies that will participate. What would you have to do? Simple, contact "new" ladies of our Chapter and invite them personally to our Chapter meeting to help them feel more comfortable. We have a lot of new members. Let's get them to our meetings, let's get them on rides. That's why they bought their bike. Everyone might not feel comfortable contacting one of us "first". I could use ideas from YOU on exactly how to start this committee and exactly what we can do. 2) I would love for us to have a L.O.H. Dinner Meeting maybe once every other month. Yes, I do mean in addition to our Chapter meeting. I would like to see us meet someplace for dinner. We can pick a specific place and a specific day and time. There we can discuss things that directly relate to L.O.H. (things we might like to do, form committees for events, that sort of thing). I would take our ideas and/or suggestions to the Business Meeting and depending on what happened there, take them to the Chapter Meeting. Of course guys you would definitely be welcome too. In fact I would encourage some guys to attend also. I have an idea on where we could meet. You can help me come up with a day and a time. 3) Something I saw in Hog Tales that I would love for us to participate in is the Motorcycling Memories Contest. You can read the details in Hog Tales. But ladies, we have great stories too whether we ride or not. Let's submit those stories. There are cash prizes at stake, not to mention the publicity for out Chapter. Let's show everyone how involved we really are. Let's do this as L.O.H. of the Atlanta Chapter.

Aren't you glad I went to P.O.T. Training? The MOST important thing I learned there is that I really have been going about this all wrong. I had nothing to go by so I chose places to ride based on how I felt about them (if I liked it) and hoped you liked it too. That is fine and good, but now I know better and I want to change that too. Beginning with July (since 1/2 our year is planned) I want to plan rides to places "YOU" LIKE (and hope I like them too). I know I will. So ladies, let me hear from you. Tell me where you want to go, and I will lead you.

Oh, remember those stories I mentioned? Well here is one for you. On our way down to PC Beach somewhere around Dothan I think. We are all in our little pack riding along nicely and all of a sudden I hear this awful noise in my helmet. At first I thought it was static from a trucker bleeding over into our CB. Then Fred pulls out of the pack and off the road completely and then turns the bike off. I couldn't imagine what was wrong. He was moving around crazy like, then he asked me to hold his clip on sunglasses for a second. I asked him what was wrong, he said his lens in his glasses fell out and then wanted his clip ons back. The noise in my helmet was Fred trying to catch his lens. He started back up and we proceeded on. Me thinking all was fine now. David saw us pull out so he stopped the group ahead and we stopped there too of course. They all wanted to know what happened. Fred told them. Renee asked, "well did you get it"? Fred replied, "naw, it's gone". Gone I said! I put my finger behind his glasses and sure enough my finger came through. I thought I was going to die laughing. David asked if he could see (trying not to laugh too hard). Fred said he could keep him in view (he was behind us) and keep B.K. in view (in front of us) and he would know he was in the road. David said, I'm glad I'm behind you". Well the next day, I was in class all day and Fred was at the local Mall all day. He had to get a complete eye exam (who rides around with their prescription on them) and then he bought "two" pair of glasses. Now these new ones are the ones that darken in the sun (transition lenses), no more clip on sunglasses for Fred. So an eye exam, two pairs of glasses and $500 later, Fred sees again. What is the moral of this story? Carry your prescription with you at all times? Be sure you have a spare pair of eye glasses? I don't know, you tell me. Fred was a pretty good sport. We all had a few laughs at his expense.

If you want to attend the Macon Braves Game in Macon June 2 and 3. Please call me now to make your hotel reservations. Macon Chapter will meet us there, we will eat with them at Hooters as we did last year and they will escort us to the ball field after dinner. The deadline is MAY 15, 2001.

Well, that's it for me this month. Please contact me with your ideas and suggestions. I need your help.

Y'all stay cool, but still leather up.

And let me know how I am doing!

Catch ya later, see ya.

Patty Toney
Ladies of Harley Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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The Safety HOG

Hello Atlanta H.O.G. I had the opportunity to attend the H.O.G. Primary Officers Training last month. We learned many new things to help our chapter and along the way had a great time. One of the ideas discussed was, the main objective of a H.O.G. Chapter is to RIDE and HAVE FUN. That is a pretty simple goal and the officers are here to help the chapter meet that objective. However, we cannot do it without you. Please let your officers know if you have any ideas, rides, activities, questions or concerns. And one last thing I learned, if you have loud pipes and ride too close to Fred Toney, he will throw things at you, even the lenses from his eye glasses.

Safety Tip of the Month: This month's tip(s) focus on group riding. First and foremost, alcohol and riding do not mix, especially in a group ride. Arrive for the ride with a full tank of gas and your bike in good operating condition. Familiarize yourself with the route. Always ride in staggered formation, unless otherwise directed by the ride captain and try to keep the group formation tight without crowding. Maintain a constant speed and stay close through intersections and traffic lights so the group does not become separated and HAVE FUN!

If you ride safely, you'll ride longer!

David Olszewski
Safety Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

Please Don't Drink and Ride!
Friends Don't Let Friends ride Drunk!

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Activities Officer's Report

Activities Officer,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Historian/Photographer's Report

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. HISTORY

Four Years A Go This Month, May 24, 1997

All motorcycles were heading to Thornton Road for Harley-Davidson of Atlanta's Grand Opening, and it was spectacular. "Kennesaw" was the band of the day. Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. member, Travis Tritt, gave a ROUSING performance. Hot dogs were catered by the Barbecue House and Harley-Davidson of Atlanta was jam packed all day.

1997 Atlanta Chapter Officers were:

Director...Paul Gardner
Assistant Director...Jim Durham
Secretary/Treasurer... Renee Durham
Safety Officer...Mendel Stafford
L.O.H. Officer...Karen Volk

Hank Somma
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Web Master's Report

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. on Yahoo!

Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. has a "Club Address" on Yahoo at the following URL:

Please, check it out! You will be able to chat with other Atlanta Chapter Members. You will have to register to sign on to chat, load pictures and post messages. When you register, please give us you name, city and email address. That way other members will recognize your name and be able to email you as a member of the Atlanta Chapter and not someone in Kalamazoo. You will also be able to check out other Harley related clubs around the world. If you have problems, email me and I will try and help.

Jim Keely keeps the calendar up to date, so there is no need to miss an important event date. Jim is also in charge of the Hot Line. If you have concerns about the status of a ride, PLEASE, call 770-908-3435.

This does not replace our HOGWASH Web Page, www.atlantahog.comor the HOGWASH Newsletter, just another e-service of the Atlanta Chapter.

B.K. Ellis
Web Master,
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

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Hotel Information

Call Patty Toney, 770-948-3668

Macon Braves Game, Macon, GA June 1-2, 2001
Hampton Inn, Riverside Drive $59.00
DEADLINE: MAY 15, 2001

Southern Heritage Trail Ride, June 8-11, 2001
Friday, June 8 The Sleep Inn $89.50 plus tax
Saturday, June 9 Micro Tel Inn $47.95 plus tax

Tennessee State Rally Chattanooga, TN 6/14-6/16
Chattanooga Marriott $97.00 per night. This is about 3 blocks from the site (Not walking distance).
DEADLINE: MAY 14, 2001

Nashville, TN Ride (L.O.H.) July 13-15, 2001
Best Western Metro Inn $48.80-$52.00
DEADLINE: MAY 14, 2001

Lowes Motor Speedway Flat Track Motorcycle Races, July 28, 2001
Fairfield Inn Charlotte, NC $48.80 to $52.00 plus tax
DEADLINE: MAY 14, 2001

Georgia State Rally Atlanta, GA October 11-13, 2001
Marriott, Pleasant Hill (Host Hotel) $79.00 per night plus tax.
72 Hour Cancellation Policy

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Road Trip(s)

L.O.H. Dinner Meeting

May 9 at Ruby Tuesdays on Thornton Road, on the right before you get to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta. Meet for dinner at 6:30 PM with a short meeting to follow. All ladies are urged to attend, guys welcomed too!

Important Dates:

Macon Braves and Southern Heritage Trail Ride reservations required by May 7, 2001.

Chattanooga Dinner Cruise Ride

If you are going on the Dinner Cruise, August 25th please call Patty Toney ASAP. She needs to have some idea of how many are going so she can make the reservations!

Southern Highroads Trail Ride

June 8-10, 2001

All the details are in place for a great three-day, two-night overnighter. We will be covering some of the most beautiful riding that Tennessee and North Carolina have to offer in what might be one of the summer's best rides. We will ride the Cherohala Skyway leading us into NC from TN, and also will travel part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Altitudes should offer some relief from the summer heat which I am sure will be upon us by early June, as it typically is--heck it was 86 this week! Our ride will average around 175 to 200 miles per day and there are some lovely settings to photograph along the way.

Room reservations have been blocked and Patty Toney, our L.O.H. Officer, will make individual reservations for you when you call. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS YOURSELF, AS PATTY NEEDS TO RELEASE THE UNUSED ROOMS.

Friday night, June 8th we are staying in Bryson City, NC at the Sleep Inn, which admittedly is a little pricey at $89 to $92, but they are about the only decent thing in the area and the hotel is fairly new being only 3 years old.

Saturday night, June 9th we will stay at the Micro Tel Inn in Franklin, NC at a rate of $47.95 per night.

WHAT: Southern Highroads Trail Ride

WHEN: June 8-10 (Friday-Sunday)

MEETING PLACE/TIME: Cracker Barrel, Chastain Road, Kennesaw, GA; exit 271 off of I-75 N at 11:00 AM.

DEPARTURE: 11:45 AM; sign in, safety briefing and route coverage begin at 11:15 AM.

RIDE LEADER: Tom Sigerfoos, 770 971-4467;

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Been There Done That!

LaPrade's Ride a Comedy of Errors

Our ride to LaPrade's was my umpteenth as a Road Captain, but from the way things went you would have thought it was my first. The list of "boo-boo's" was very complete with missed turns, getting lost, splitting up the group, a bike breaking down and finally, leaving one couple at a gas station. I confessed to Tommye that if I were you, I would not trust me to give directions to the rest rooms after this!

All started well enough, but when we turned onto GA 136 in Talking Rock, I inadvertently went west instead of east; realizing my error, we turned around at the flea market and headed on only to have either not seen a road sign or it was down (the first time I took this route last year it went flawlessly!) and we wound up running out of pavement and had to turn around. We worked our way back to I-575 and tried again, once again passing the flea market. Since the road signs had not worked the first time, I went past the indicated turn off for Hwy. 136, thinking my memory would serve me well. It did not. We wound up in Jasper, where I knew we could take Burnt Mountain Road to 136; it was also obvious to a blind man that half of the group was missing. After waiting 15 minutes for the remainder of the group to come around the corner, Jim Keely and Lee Bennett headed back to find them---all to no avail. So on we went, only to have 136 closed off just before 183 and so we were detoured south into Dawsonville on 183. Now, we were really running late! Finally we made Dahlonega where we stopped for gas; after several minutes I thought I saw that all were ready and off we went, only to realize when we got to LaPrade's, that Jim and Johni Keely were not there. I called Jim when I got home and it seems that we pulled out just as he came out of the store--by the time he got suited up and waited for traffic to clear, we were long gone. So Jim, I owe you and Johni a steak somewhere!

We finally got to LaPrade's in two groups, one at 2:00PM and my group around 2:30PM. Robert was kind enough to hear my pleas of not wanting to be hung from the nearest tree and said he would serve us, no problem; so in the final analysis we all did get our LaPrade's lunch. And it was while we were eating that I learned that Betty Southern had experienced problems with her bike and had to head home. Betty, for those of you who do not know her, is around her late 50's or early 60's and pilots her own Electra Glide with sidecar. Cal Ruffin and I had a good chuckle about the way the day went, comparing the several times we passed the flea market to an episode of The Twilight Zone where everyone kept coming back around to the diner, regardless of the direction they tried to go in.

I also re-learned a good lesson for our road captains--never assume the road is there if it has been a while since you have traveled it. I felt since this was so easy last year I would be OK. Not so. The next good weekend I have available, I intend to find out just where 136 are and will likely make my own sketch maps for future use.

So, I am grateful to all on this ride for their patience and understanding, especially to Jim and Johni for not being upset with me for going off and leaving them behind, and to Robert who decided to feed us in spite of our lateness. The day ended well even if it got off to a rocky start. I promise a much smoother ride in the fall, y'all!

Tom Sigerfoos
Ride Leader

Riding the Texas Hill Country in Bluebonnet Season

>Over the past two weeks, Tommye and I took the opportunity to drag our bikes out to the San Antonio area as part of our plan to visit family. With some good pointers from Jim Staggenborn, the Director of the Alamo City chapter, we covered about 500 miles in three days and unfortunately only one of those was real good weather wise.

If you are ever in this part of the country in early April, by all means treat yourselves to a ride through this great part of the--Alamo City is a Fly an Ride dealer. One of the reasons we picked this particular time of year is the advent of the bluebonnets, the Texas state flower. They are spectacular this year due to all the rain they have had out there! Especially when they are co-located with Indian paintbrush and Black Eyed Susans. The other was the charm of what is called the "Hill Country (the area between San Antonio and Austin) which is peppered with lots of little towns featuring buildings made of rock and limestone blocks. From the elevations we encountered, the oak trees in the valleys looked like clumps of broccoli. Again there were patches of bluebonnets and other wild flowers everywhere and it was really scenic.

Here is the route we took, known as the "Vanderpool Loop: beginning in San Antonio, we headed north on Texas 16 to Bandera where we picked up Hwy 337 going west out to Medina, Vanderpool, Leakey and on to Camp Wood. From Camp Wood we headed north on Texas 55 to Hwy 335 and continued north to Texas 41. On 41, we headed east to Hwy 336 and went south back into Vanderpool and then north on Hwy 187 thru the Lost Maples area; continuing north on 187 we picked up Texas 39 and into Kerrville where we spent the night. All of this terrain is hilly and chock full of rivers and creeks.

The next day we hit Fredericksburg, which is a little touristy, but there are some good bakeries and things like that to enjoy. Most of the prices in the shops will knock your socks off--we saw a handmade chandelier of hammered copper and wrought iron that had deer antlers to hold the lighting fixtures. It was around 4 feet in diameter and sold for the bargain price of $11,950.00!

The other part of this ride we did was called the "Willow City Loop". North of Fredericksburg on Texas 16 you take a right (east) on Hwy 1323 and go 3 miles into Willow City and follow the signs. This 15-mile loop through private property is really stunning, again full of bluebonnets and wonderful vistas of the hill country.

One part of the hill country we did not get to see due to time was Hwy. 1431 running along the Colorado River easterly out of Blano, TX that is on Texas 16 about an hour north of Fredericksburg. This road and Hwy. 71, which runs on the opposite side of the Colorado, are featured in an article in the April 2000 Southern Living

Our final leg of the ride was along Hwy. 32, east off US 281 north of San Antonio that is a road known as the "Devil's Backbone. We rode this to Texas 12 north into Wimberly and then took US 290 west to Hwy. 165 back to Blanco.

It was a great couple of days and our only regret was that the weather was not more cooperative. Again if you ever have the opportunity, check out the Texas Hill Country--it is well worth it.

Tom Sigerfoos

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Happy Birthday to the following Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Members!

May 2001 Birthdays

05/01 Jeff T. Blalock
05/01 Jimmy H. Stephens
05/03 Kevin Wheeler
05/04 Dick Cadou
05/04 Ike Eisemann
05/05 Hugh T. Cantrell
05/08 Dave Bierbower
05/08 Mark A. Hause
05/08 Pam Holcombe
05/09 Michael Espinosa
05/09 Teresa Hettermann
05/09 Harland Moody
05/10 Danny Gibbs
05/11 Michael J. Butler
08/12 Kenneth R. Conaway
05/13 Dale Agnes
05/13 Bryan F. Stanton
05/14 Leonard Long
05/15 Marcie Cadou
05/16 Seth Hays
05/17 Davidl L. Devlin
05/18 Corey Bobo
05/18 Tom Tingle, Jr.
05/20 Brent Blackman
05/23 David Altrmat
05/24 Kenneth D. Robinson
05/24 W.A. "Bill" Rolader, Sr.
05/25 Charles Smallwood
05/26 Ray Beasley, Jr.
05/27 Lamar "Dirt" Jones
05/27 James R. Lee
05/29 Steve Finkelman
05/29 Barry L. Gongaware
05/29 Todd Osborne
05/29 Jeffrey R. Walker
05/31 Don "Gator" Powell

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Tentative Events Schedule, 2001
Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G.

January 2001

01 Tommy Tyner Annual Memorial Ride
11 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
13 Buckner's Lunch Ride
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
21 FYI...Abate Swap Meet, Lakewood
27 Impromptu Lunch Ride
30 FYI...Abate Helmet Ride

February 2001

02-04 FYI...Great American Motorcycle Show
North Atlanta Trade Center
10 Sweetheart Lunch Ride
13 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
16-18 FYI...Atlanta International Motorcycle Show
Cobb Galleria
24 LOH Lunch Ride, Gombeaux's

March 2001

02-11 FYI...Daytona Bike Week
02 Impromptu Lunch Ride
04 Impromptu Ride
08 Dinner at Julian's, Daytona Beach, FL
09 Impromptu Lunch Ride
09 Lunch at The Deck, Daytona Beach, FL
10 New Member Orientation and Ride
13 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
16 Impromptu Lunch Ride
17 LOH St. Patrick's Day Blue Willow Inn Lunch Ride
23 Impromptu Lunch Ride
25 Cherry Blossom Festival, Macon, GA
30 Impromptu Lunch Ride
31 Music Festival, Williamson, GA

April 2001

07 FYI...Care4Cops Ride
08 LaPrade's Lunch Ride
14 LOH Light House Restaurant Ride
17 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
19 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
20-22 Charleston, SC Spring Ride
27-29 FYI...Cherokee, NC Spring Rally
28 Impromptu Lunch Ride

May 2001

05 FYI...Ride for Special Olympics
06 FYI...American Diabetes Ride
06 FYI...Abate Swap Meet, Lakewood
10-13 Panama City, FL Bike Week Ride
12 Impromptu Lunch Ride
17-19 Alabama H.O.G.State Rally
19 Alabama H.O.G.State Rally, Day Ride
22 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
24 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
26 P.O.W. Memorial Ride
28 FYI...Rolling Thunder Ride

June 2001

02-03 LOH Macon Braves Ride
08-10 Southern High Roads Trail Ride
09 Cave Springs, GA Ride
14-16 Tennessee State H.O.G. Rally
19 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
21 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
23 Oconee Dinner Ride
24 FYI...Georgia Sheriff's Youth Homes Ride
30 Lunch Ride

July 2001

04 Dale Moorefield Memorial Ride, Bostwick, GA
13-15 LOH Nashville, TN Ride
17 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
18 FYI...National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day
19 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
27-29 Charlotte, SC Flat Track Motorcycle Races

August 2001

04-12 FYI...61th Annual Sturgis Rally, Sturgis, SD
14 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
16 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
25-26 L.O.H. Chattanooga Dinner Boat Cruise and Ride

September 2001

08 Booties Restaurant Ride
15 FYI...Trail of Tears Ride, Chattanooga, TN
16 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G. 16th Anniversary Party
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
20 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
23 Blessing of the Bikes
27-30 Biloxi, MS Ride
30 Field Stone Inn Ride

October 2001

6-7 March of Dimes Ride
11-13 Georgia State H.O.G. Rally
16 Atlanta Chapter, H.O.G. Business Meeting
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting
18-21 FYI...Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach, FL
27 LaPrade's Lunch Ride

November 2001

10 P.O.W. Memorial Trail Ride
13 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
15 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting

December 2001

02 Christian City Toy Ride
18 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Business Meeting
20 Atlanta Chapter H.O.G., Chapter Meeting

January 2002

01 Annual Tommy Tyner Memorial Ride

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